Paid hugh price for Black Box scam and fell fir Zach Scheidt's honesty, morals, integrity. Subscribers were told to buy stocks said to be "front" trades that started to drop like rocks as soon as later in the day.

No way to get funds back or refund. Totally dishonest firm. Follow their advice and your account will end up like mine down almost half. STAY AWAY FROM AGORA AND ZACH SCHEIDT.

We were told to buy but should have shorted the recommendations.

I am new investor not able to short stocks in my account. Joy Pete

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Investment Service.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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I am bombarded by Agora Financial's constant emails. I thank you for sharing your experience as it will save me some grief. May God help you recover your lossed


I am also bombarded by their constant emails over the same thing but under different names. Thank you for sharing your experience and that allows me to steer clear as well.

I can't afford to loose $2000 for nothing... Lynda K

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