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They had an online webinar regarding Weekly Wealth Alert about stock. They said its about Stocks, I mean they send me email alert about buy stocks.

But its not about stock , its about OPTIONS TRADING . If I knew its about option trading I never paid for that service. Option trading is very complicated and its not for everyone. They should mention , its about OPTION TRADING.

They were not honest on their webinar. Also they were showing on the webinar that you will make 200%- 500% gain in one week. its all scam. Again If I knew its about option trading I never paid for that service I saw on their website last week alert.

i.e. Stock symbol XFL . since they recommend its been going down every day. Its a Scam.

https://agorafinancial.com/ I did not read or I did not know about cancellation policy. I have not used their services at all. Plus in their webinar they never mention about refund policy I already requested for refund three times i.e.

I email and call them . Every time they says , we dont refund money I requested for receipt, so far I have not received any reply.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Weekly Wealth Alert Subscription.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Agora Financial Pros: Ripp off, Weekly wealth alert.

Agora Financial Cons: Rip off.

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I didn't attend a webinar, but I just (12/11/2018) finished reading their pitch and wanted to see what I could find in the way of reviews ... primarily to get info re: win rate (which they didn't mention in the pitch, not a good sign, but not unusual) and does the indicator reveal whether the stock is expected to go up (lots of people are buying calls) or down (lots of people are buying puts).

Buyer beware, the old saying goes. In the pitch (perhaps as a result of your complaint and/or others) they made it clear that they were using options (they even showed a list of call options, as an example), and mentioned that [lower] gains could (often or usually, I think, I don't recall what they said about frequency, exactly) be made by buying and selling the stock. But that's riskier than buying call or put options, since the outlay of $$ up front is much bigger, and the money risked with a call or put purchase is limited to that cost, whereas stock can potentially go to zero (or down 50% or more, very fast).

In the pitch I read, they also pointed out that the subscription payment was not refundable. Hence, I'm looking for info to fill in the holes.


This website is, very obviously, illegitimate. Why did you give these people money?


Call me a conspiracist but here is my take on it. I understand Agora is a billion dollar company and money speaks volumes in DC.

Look at what Maddoff got away with and there is evidence the SEC knew for a long time what was going on. How could they possibly not know?

I have just as much reason as not to believe there are payoffs to the right people, to keep the ultra wealthy rolling in the cash so they can spread it around DC and make the politicians wealthy.

How else can a person enter politics and come out multiple times more wealthy then when they entered? It's a rigged system in favor of a small, special group of people and we're not part of it.


Due to the overwhelmed complains and negativities about this company - Agora Financial, why is this company still in business and continue to spread the fake financial"gospel " to thousands of people daily via emails? What in the world that they can't be shut down immediately?


Exactly my experience!


To make money you will have to risk it first and they are countering every attack by making it so clear and exciting


Alan has made 15 trades, in his Weekly Wealth Alert using 6 contracts as a test, resulting in $4,761 loss with 2 trades still open. Now he comes out with 42 Day Retirement Plan, same thing different name.

Only a fool buys call options. BEWARE


I don’t have s problem with options. Been trading lots for years.

But this service hyped Alan’s WPI predictor got massive explosive gains. It just never works.

His weekly video expressed hope that there will be a significant burst in a few days, but his recommendations almost always result in losses and even some total investment losses as the Options expire worthless while waiting for his hoped for explosions.

A huge waste of the subscription price and then even more following it.


Stay away from it. It's a loser.

I bought into the ALERTS and have been trading, only to have loss after loss.

I had hopes he'd come up with a gain somewhere, and although there were a couple, they were far short of the loses. I'm out!!


I have recently purchased their weekly wealth alert only to have negative results from their recommendation one in particular was manipulated to look as a winner in Microsoft they used price quotes that never materialized and they have a 5 losing trades and 6 winning trades average loss 72% and average win75.5 does not come close to there claims


You didn't pay attention, did you? This fact was clearly stated many times in the webnar.

@John Cox

Hey there local! Are you using this "newsletter"? I too purchased it and can only imagine they are sweating this out possibly as much as we are at this time.

@Teresa Rieger

Teresa - How long ago did you purchase the service? can you please advise: How many losers?

How many winners? Percent gain per trade?