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Everybody thinking of doing business with Agora, please watch a month of American Greed. You will see immediately what this outfit is and will save you a lot of money and headache.

The best company in the world has some unhappy customers but what you see here should open your eyes - post after post of false promises, charges continuing after cancellation. Check the one about payment by limited debit card and when it ran out Agora somehow found the person's credit card number which he had not given them and started charging it. These are tactics of a company which is desperate to generate cash by whatever means possible, whether to stay afloat like a ponzi scheme which starts to unravel, or just to keep up a luxury lifestyle. Canadian Social Security benefits of 4,700 a month to American citizens?

This alone should send you running but Agora has actually explained what this is: getting a list of companies that Canadian SS invests in so you can do the same. Please put Agora out of business by running away. Of course they would just resurface under a different name.

And unfortunately there are always people in desperate circumstances who need a lifeline to pay a mortgage or health care expenses and maybe, just maybe this company has the answer. If it seems too good....If it quacks like a duck...please think and run

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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My elderly mother changed her credit card number twice and somehow they got the new card number and started the charges again. I was playing wack-a-mole with the charges and calling VISA every week as they turned up.

I complained to the fraud department at VISA and apparently VISA is complicit or they have a high threshold of acceptance of this companies many crooked transactions. The FTC and DOJ need to look into this company which apparently has connections in the UK as well.


Contact the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Maryland, Fraud Division, 36 S.

Charles Street, 4th Fl., Baltimore, MD 21201, tel.

(410) 209-4800, and share your experience with them. Just venting on the web achieves jack ***