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Update by user Feb 13, 2018

I was contacted by Agora Financial via e-mail and told that my refund of the $104 will be credited back to my bank account. I will mark as resolved when that actually happens!

Original review posted by user Feb 09, 2018

I purchased a book that I assumed would come in the mail....."Big Book.........". I am new to trading and thought it would help, I never received it.

Although I also had to agree to receiving "Lifetime Income Report" as a TRIAL. I wrote the date in my planner to cancel, if need be. These daily newsletters did NOTHING to assist me in any way, so when I went to call they number given when I purchased it.....and the same number is on the web......It is not a working number. There is absolutely NO WAY TO GET A PERSON ON THE PHONE!!!!

Zach (Zachary) Scheidt you are a HORRIBLE PERSON to be involved in this huge SCAM!!!! I have rights, I am disabled AND on a fixed income. I automatically got charged (they had credit card number for postage/handling of book I never received) $104. I called the number on my bank statement and AGAIN.....A person talks, tells you how to reach them via e-mail, etc.....then call ends.

Nobody to talk to, no way to leave a message. I sent my 3rd email to them to their "contact page" email address.


Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $104.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Agora Financial Cons: I did not get my hard copy but it is on my credit card bill, Failure to provide a refund within the money back guarantee.

  • Misleading Advertising
  • Web Deceit
  • bad custmer services
  • Dishonest Editors
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Ridiculous, why are these scammers going to jail? We need to protect our senior citizens.


Anyone subscribed to Zach’s , Hacking wall sreeet?


It is all a SCAM folks. Its a well polished scam, but a big polished turd of a scam.

Stay far away. I had to save my 93yo mom from these crooks.


It says right at the bottom of his long ridiculous Patriot *** that the aforementioned information is “ believed to be accurate but cannot be verified “. It’s just such a bunch of BS.

He quotes the New York Times half a dozen times but without ANY context, date, author or reference. The issue is always that if you are uneducated and/ or uninformed you WILL fall for these con men ... they come in much louder bigger blonder packages. Information about everyone including the President is public domain.

If you want to know the truth about someone or something for Gods sakes, RESEARCH IT . And don’t trust just one bigoted source, investigate several unrelated sources.


Thank you for your post on this *** My first impression to not trust this guy, was the meaning of his supposed name - Scheidt - in German, means *** Sorry your mother got burned, or, rather, “schadt” upon. I hope your post sufficiently warns others to RESEARCH FIRST, & to be especially wary of, “get rich quick” schemes. So sad.


Is everything from Agora Financial/Publishing/etc. a "con?" We have spent much money on their products and to date we question there value.

We are preparing to subscribe to one of Zachary's subscriptions: "The Buyout Millionaire Club;" however, we are still reviewing the performance of other Agora subscriptions we have. They hype a "watch December "X" at "X p.m. and find out how to make over X000% return on a year on any amount invested, even over a million dollars on just starting with a $500 investment." [Of course, this is followed by the "disclaimers."] The name of the membership and informational to which I refer is: "The Buyout Millionaire Club." The promotional information claims that one only needs to watch their informational and they will know "X" stocks to purchase to get started. Instead, one can spend over an hour, only finding that to get the names one must subscribe to yet another Agora program.

And, if one takes the "30 day trial subscription," then the "hounding" comes to add an additional"$X" and have a "life-time membership." If they really have the "key" to successful investing", why are they not just doing that instead of some possible "flim-flam" promotion to "100 lucky people?" And, on the other hand, I have to ask myself why I have spent over $20,000 on various such subscriptions in the past five months when I find that I have done better just selecting investments that 'look good to me?!?" For about 40 years I had a broker and my account was discretionary.

When he retired, I was not prepared to take over my own investing. It is for this reason I have reached out to businesses such as Agora and Stansberry for assistance.


A famous American billionaire once said, "You can make more money selling advice than you can by using it." This Zachary guy is taking that to an extreme level. Stay away from Agora Financial! This is a scam!


I am a widow left with small brokerage acct. With recommendations from Zachary Scheidt and Agora every front buyer trade I bought has suddenly tanked right after purchase.

Yes it is a worthless scam. Subscribers are told to BUY up to a certain price then sometimes within first hour the stock short sales increase and stock usually does not recover so you lose all. I was not approved for shorting in my account but there is no way to reach Agora and service says no refunds. Zachary says he doesn't watch or follow the stocks, just recommends them and you are on your own.

He then tells subscribers what wonderful vacations he is on, etc, etc. No integrity or help at all for subscribers. You will pay thousands as I did to lose your funds.

Do the hard work yourself, pick best sectors and best stocks in those sectors. Not cheap ...go no where Agora recommendations.

@J. Petree West

Has any one been duped into his latest tout, How to *** Wall Street? Another discount from $5000.00 to $2000.00...


If you want to invest and need help or advice, find someone local. You should research them and be able to go to there office if needed.

Then if they try to ripe you off you know where to find them. Lol!


I agree


Thanks for the heads up!!


First thing I noticed was zach scheidt sounds a lot like jack *** which is what you'll probably get


I got the same email. Thank you for the warning. I hope you get your money back.


Uh oh, I think i may have to check my credit card activity, since i used it to pay for shipping of the free book offer last month. Of course that was before i ran across all these negative reviews. I almost hope they have been charging me small fees for whatever, since will give me that much more motivation to expose ALL of those involved!


If this is a scam as you say it is then you should be able to report it to someone that will go after them and get the money people were scammed out of back. They should be considered scammers like the people on the phone and be prosecuted. If he really wanted people to benefit, like he is supposedly then why not tell us how for free?

@Ann Pelrine

Exactly! That’s what I was thinking, he should tell us for free how to get these supposed checks rather than scam money from those in society barely making it.

@Ann Pelrine

Your President has basically removed the Consumer Protection Agency from the government . This is so that his wealthy friends or even con men like this guy, can separate us from our money without consequences.

I have yet to see any of you fighting hard back. What’s it going to take ? Why do you even bother paying taxes to politicians who ONLY WORK FOR BIG CORPORATIONS WHO OWN THEM THROUGH ( in any other country what would be corrupt ) CAMPAIGN FUNDING BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN ELECTED ? Look at that mess on Capitol Hill ?

Roads and water pipes / schools and health care are ZERO on their agendas for American people ! They’re fighting about an outrageously expensive wall ( that will destroy ecology) that none of us want out of our tax dollars !

I don’t anyway ! I’d rather Flint MI got brand new pipes for fresh drinking water and schools had world class education text books and no more than 15 kids to a clean safe classroom !


Message starts out as get your free copy! Then asks for your credit card number.

Thats where I lost interest because thats when they've got you :( . I hope you get your money back.


Another stupid person thinking that someone holds all the answers to the secret of becoming rich. The ONLY people getting rich are the *** you give your hard earned money to.

Think about it, if they were making all this money with their investment advise, why would they need to SELL this information?

And even better yet, why are they still WORKING.... for someone ELSE?