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Someone either from agora or Sykes team emailed me info on week end profits, weekly letter, and other services Sykes was/is/going to do for Agora, had to cancel and then get my money back for item I bought then never received, and this was going on right up to May 9th 2019, they kept telling me O were still building the site and this or that, then I got an email from Tim Sykes telling me about hot stocks to buy or are moving, like 24 hrs later, some I had already bought and long sold before I even got the emails from Tim, they transfer you around like their some big time company, and big time deal, when they are nothing but boiler room mentality jerks, the whole lot of them are worse than a room full of used car sales people, guru's my *** rip off artists more like it and Sykes is up in the *** right along with them all over there and that is a damn shame, I used to like Tim, but it just goes to show, the money will get to anyone evidentially, and they do not care about a damn thing, ray blanco I hope someone kicks your damn *** one day real good you deserve it pal.Then wipes your *** with your publication and shoves the whole damn thing down your throat. I no longer want a damn thing to do with the whole lot of you jerks. Waste of time you all are, and I tried for 2 months to get it all taken care of up until today 5/9/19

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Tim Sykes Weekly Fortunes Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Agora Financial Cons: Obvious intention to rip people off, Shady people.

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