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These people do false advertisement, poor results following through, poor at producing product substandard, plus poor customer service

Original review posted by user Sep 28

This guy is a joke, worst of the worst for recommendations and service, would not recommend him, period. Claims all this money spent on his sophisticated system.

In the short time i have been with WEEKEND PROFITS that Tim puts out, three weeks there were no alerts sent out, two other weeks they were just on RUMORS, as far as penny stocks, $10 and $15 stocks arent penny stocks.

Tim claims to have this expensive algorithm system that cost millions, and this so called expert mathematician to get his picks. BULL, its either no picks for the week or picks relying on rumors.

So, in conclusion, your spending money to be a member and getting no alerts, alerts based on RUMOR and your lucky if you even do get the alert period, which i have many of times.

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will not join them

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