Got an email saying that Americans can piggy bank "Canadian social security" on top of American social security. Bit of a lie!

They named a sum of $4,700 per month. The maximum Canada pension payment is under $600.00 Cad per month. When one gets 65 or over they qualify for Old Age Security and other supplements but it is no where near $4,700 a month. The Canadian Pension Plan payments are based on the amount you have earned in Canada, which is based on payroll deductions.

CPP disability program exists; more stringent than American Equivalent.

Also pay Canadian Tax. Lies

Location: Abbotsford, British Columbia

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Can I have the bank chargeback what I paid to subscribe


Thank God. But for the transparency of these courageous but unfortunate clients who tell the world about their harrowing experience with Agora Financial, anyone could fall VICTIM to these scammers. May their con schemes rot in ***.


This is the most MISLEADING ad in the history of marketing.

Not false, necessarily, but AWFULLY MISLEADING


Come on seriously, people really believe there is a free lunch? Who the *** are we to take their money anyway.

This is just more of the same *** appealing to those want a hand out. Never dawns on anyone that perhaps hard work and persistence towards a goal is the only way to success. AND those who try to lure people into these handouts will get theirs. Whats goes around comes around.

It's nature law!


DOn't even believe it.

Trump winning the presidency after being just those sort of huckster (esp. w/ his settlement of $25Mil for the fake university) should have you rethinking the age we live in.

So Me thinks the ones wanting the handout are the middle class humps who do work but aren't smart enough to understand these are all schemes...you know, Trump voters.

The people who an educated civilized societies are supposed to DRAG through modernity and education and contemporary basic facts in the 21st century. Proud writhing idiots.


I find the Canadian piggyback a scam, I can not find one person who has successfully been in this program, what it is about is investing in Canadian stock market. How annoying having to listen how so and so is doing so well etc total bs these people should be sued!


Dear Consumers,

I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of service that you have experienced. At Agora Financial we strive to give great customer service.

I’m here to help you understand the information you’ve viewed within our promotions, explain how our business works, and what services my team can provide you. All of our subscriptions have refund policies; this gives our customers a chance try out our subscriptions for a period of time at no risk and receive a refund.

I would also like to address the post about "Canadian Social Security". You can legally piggyback on Canadian social security by investing in the same profitable companies that the Canadian system does. They’ve hired elite financial investors to make decisions on how to grow the pensions of all Canadian citizens.

You too can invest in these same companies who pay dividends, on your own, right here in America. Once you become a Lifetime Income Report subscriber we would be happy to send you the reports that explain these investments.

We can also offer customers a 365 day refund policy (from the subscription start date.)

I would like to work with each customer to resolve any complaints. Please contact us at this phone number 1 (80*)***-**** or email us support@***.com.

Thank you!

Andrea Michinski Director of Customer Service

@Nancyann Syh



I would like to work with each customer to resolve any complaints. Please contact us at this phone number 1 (80*)***-**** or email us support@***.com.

Thank you!

Andrea Michinski Director of Customer Service

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