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I have medical bills out the *** Now I'm now on Medicare which has been a lifesaver. I have serious medical conditions (cancer, rheumatoid arthritis,etc.

etc.) with over 20 monthly scripts. That along with ancillary products (I,e, crutches, batteries for wheelchairs, wigs, creams, etc, etc). Before illness I had a great job and we had retirement "in the bank" so to speak. Now we have next to nothing - about $2,000 saved.

My husband will be working forever. Without Medicare A,B,Supplental, and D my family would be on the street- literally. The reason I thank all of you who did these reviews is that I was one step from getting the 'book' and reports. Just one push of a button and we would have been broke.

Thank you all for saving what little money we have. Your reviews were so helpful! You are all wonderful, honorable people to stick your necks out.

I will be grateful to each of you forever. J Newell

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I am so glad that this website is helping you, save your money and pray to God and he will provide other way to increase your money.

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