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Yesterday I watched and read all about the major changes that a writer for Agora Financial is predicting is going to happen to the IMF and telling us to stay away from the USD and stay away from any type of stock other than what he is telling us to do. Today I get another email from another writer or analyst from Agora telling me to listen to him and he's going to tell us which stocks to buy.

Now why is one saying the IMF is going to change to Distributed Ledger technology, so don't get into the market and get in only on Bitcoin etc type things while another is telling us almost the complete opposite?

How can we depend on such a company when clearly one doesn't know what the other one, meaning their analyst's, is telling us to do. Are they trying to make me crazy?

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Investment Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I don’t think Jesus cares about financial crimes. Just the ones that involve your soul.

As understand it’s business so there is no soul involved. No heart, no soul, just business. And OP that’s what analysts do. They SPECULATE!

It’s about opinion and which opinion you favor more. If your a DEM you buy into the whole bitcoin, if you’re REP you buy into the other.

Pretty simple really. They ARE talking out both sides to get both SIDES money.


Who the *** are you referring to?


If you agree with A, you buy his product. If you agree with B, you buy that product. It doesn't matter if there is any factual basis to either A or B's prediction, the important thing is that you are out $2,000.00, and your $2,000.00 are in their pocket.


True, not mine though...I'll keep it in mine.

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