I have watched Agora Financial for about 4 years and have always observed this company’s Tremendous false stock gains forcasts to be incredibly impossible by promising to increase your portfolio making $$ cash beyond your wildest dreams unless you’re a very smart investor with Balls of Steel and have caught on to their what I would consider illegal trade practices. They send via email and text messages HOT stock picks to hit the market usually the next day or within hours. True, some of these mostly penny stocks might take off down the road but usually the value of said Penny Stocks will drop like a rock after the days trading has begun at 9:30 Am. Now we have the next “One to 45 minutes” to cash out before they “Cash Out” sell off everything you and everyone they contacted via internet and invested your hard earned $$$, then it’s done, the stock is worthless although it may bounce up and down for a day or two..!! Believe me I have studied their recommendations and find 95% of their recommended penny stocks will Kill your investment leaving you nothing. I was a newbie to penny stocks Four years ago and The Mottley Fool , now a member of Agora Financial took me for 400 bucks with 4 *** Stock Picks that did take off ; for 15 minutes of pure profit to the Mottley Fool. Yes the “MOTTLEY” had heavily bought the stocks before letting the General Public know this stock is set to fly by a possible 2500 percent increase “supposedly “ I get these Emails and Texts Daily with as many as roughly 40 - 80 per day, wow somebody’s making a *** pot of penny stock cash and it’s not me or you if you HERE MY WARNING about Agora Financial. They use this “Get rich scheme only for Agora, not you or me unless you take key words from their notifications and use your God given talents to figure alternative stock picks that could be a few bucks more per pic, that’s the KEY and a possible portfolio Winner. The internet has become flooded with these maggots. If you see a presentation that takes you more than 5 minutes to read or listen to, chances are you will be ripped off and look for Agora Financial either at the pop up as your session begins or ends, look for it if your new to trading or even a seasoned investor.

I have sent Agora my regrets for following this advice they provide as they laugh and they sell all that stock they acquired for a huge profit at our expense.

WARNING: Pot Stocks are crazy and you will see *** trying to get us to buy into their foolproof master plan to Become the next Pot Stock Millionaire, possible but mostly bullshit-RESEARCH is the only way and pot is really still in infancy.!!!!

AGORA Financial::

What they do is buy millions of shares of a particular penny stock “usually “ a day or 2 prior to flooding the internet with lies to supposedly make investors instantly rich when in reality the recommendations sent that stock through the roof for a very short period of time, they then CashOut making them instantly richer and more powerful than yesterday and ready for the next SUPER STOCK PICK to make them richer and us POORER, it’s like politics!!! Another thing I hate is False Advertising of everything from cell phones to political shit. Yes, I’m a sorta smart guy with my sole proprietor business I started from scratch 15 years ago. No I’m not *** rich, basically just getting by without a vacation in 5 years, man I need some time off.

I contacted Agora yesterday via email and text to threaten them that we are on to them and to my surprise my IPhone has been quiet since. I feel a little bit uneasy now and will retain my rights to enforce my Carry Permits and long guns..!!

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Email. Lintnpot@***.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Investment Service.

Location: Hartwell, Georgia

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i agree with you. I am skeptical of all 'get rich' schemes.

Burn't my fingers too many times to even admit being a sucker.

I have to give it to them for their convincing spill. I think I could conjure up something like what they do, to con people but my conscience would not let me do it.


Just did a search after viewing the Weekly Cash Flow presentation with Jim Rickards and Robert Kiyosaki; Went to order screen and found out the charge is $3,000 annually with a for of "guarantee", but then noted the statement: "But please note — because of the money I’ve earmarked for this project, I simply cannot offer any refunds". There seems to be a lot of questions re the accuracy of service recommendations and their business practices (e.g., Better Business Bureau reports) Am I interpreting what I read accurately?


rip off

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