I was thinking of getting into this one, but decided to check on reviews first. Thank the good Lord in heaven that sites like this one exist...

thanks to you, I did not lose any of my already scanty income. Why is it that these operations always prey upon those who can least afford it? I guess the old adage -prevails; anything that seems to be too good to be true, usually is!

Again, my thanks for the service you provide here. I imagine more than just myself have been saved a lot of grief and worry as well as money.

Location: Vienna, Virginia

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Dear Consumers,

I wish I had the chance to work with before looking at this site. There is a good chance that if you had worked with me or one of my team members, you would have a very different impression of Agora Financial.

I can't speak for other company's but at Agora Financial we implement as customer feedback as possible. As for testimonials, the people who have been our customers for years welcome the opportunity to share their experiences at our conferences. As a company we respect any customers decision to opt out. It's empowering to see how many people participate.

If you do not have time to watch a video or read our marketing sales letters we have a team of VIP subscription specialists that can assist you pick the subsciption or membership that best fits your investment style. All of our subscriptions have generous refund policies; this gives our customers a chance try out our subscriptions for a period of time at no risk and receive a refund.

I would like to work with you to resolve any complaints.

Please contact us at this phone number 1 (80*)***-**** or email us support@***.com.

Thank you! Andrea Michinski Director of Customer Service

@Nancyann Syh


How are people like myself able to TRUST, financial groups, if you have a full blown advertisement campaign to pull us in and we are thinking that we can make money, yet most of the time, we are not, but you and your firms ARE. Whats wrong with this picture?

Its called stealing anyway you look at it. I want to be able to put money in an investment and see Im ACTUALLY making the MONEY you guys claim. I am fed up of being ripped off. Id LOVE to see me actually make from a 250 or $500 investment and watch it make me from $2,500 or more.

If this Jim Rickard talks about a Currency collapse and people like myself with NO pension plan will suffer, We are trying to make things happen now with little of what we have available. Honestly, can you turn my money into big wins, big cash in my pocket wins. If not, DONT advertise it.

I do have a few of your letters sent to me, but I can never have the amount needed or basically not knowing how much is needed to start this.

I want quick returns and Im seeing it happen from the news letters. I want in on this, how am I able to do this? I have debt I want to pay off and get better living conditions and car instead of being homeless. I get sometimes up to 3k on my tax return and want to put some of that money to good use, but I need HELP FULL guidance.

If you advertise plays, then help us follow through so we can reinvest to make that 5 or 6 figure income. Id settle for 4 to 5 figures (ex.$6,000-30,000) to start off, per play. I dont have $5,000 or $10,000 but through starting at the bottom of the ladder with $250-$500 to start, then working my way up. That is what Id be working for and still bring in money.

Ohh, even those who lose money are making it. Let me know,



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