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iam sick and feed up with *** mabout hillery Clinton shes not the one that will ruin the usa it blame it on the government of fools like the republicans they fight every thing a president trys to pass in a good way. its about the control of money , money that we pay to have a decite world to live in.

blame the rich and the wealthy who do anything to hurt the elderly and the hardworking people, so quit dends sending slenderest things about the democrats that un American and your not god , he jugdes what will happen to this so called world. you aren't any different than the republicans... with you it all about insane rule of money the root of all the dam *** about who votes for the wealth and not the poor of heart. I hate all this ***.

its about wallstreet, and banks and such living and taking our moneys so stop the greed!!

I hate your ads!!!!! a voter who cares about the people.

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Stony Point, New York, United States #1207394

I guess I need to get edumacated as well:

"My concern is how the majority of people are just follows and do not consider doing their own research when voting." Should be ...people are just followERs....

My apologies.


Please learn to construct a sentence and complete a thought within that structure. I find it truly amazing how ignorant people are and uneducated, which you have just proved.

My concern is how the majority of people are just follows and do not consider doing their own research when voting. Please understand I am not saying who to vote for, every politician is a piece of garbage no matter what party or level of government they occupy. I vote in regards to damage control. There is no BEST candidate, it is who will do the least amount of damage to the USA.

In my research of Bill and Hillary, they have been selling off America since she became Secretary of State using their Clinton Foundation as a great front. I give her kudos for devising such a perfect scheme. I am sure that organized crime syndicates are taking notes. Bill and Hillary even have the removal of people, who try reporting them, down to a science.

Over 40 people have died associated to various Hillary and Bill investigations (not scandals...there is a difference). Do your research and you will discover a LOT of scary things she has had her claws into which goes much deeper then any republican or democrat conspiracy you state. Like they say FOLLOW THE MONEY....and you will find the truth. Start with Clinton Cash on youtube.

As for Trump, he is definitely no angel.

He has issues in regards to his business dealings, not paying contractors, etc. I have had a family business, trust me, many of these situations occur. We went out of business due to dealings like this. Think about though, it only effects a handful of people not the entire population.

Yes it sucked for us, we lost the building and our home. Now think of the alternative.

Thank you for reading this and keeping an open mind.

Bismarck, North Dakota, United States #1205574

Your democrats have done not one thing to improve living in the usa for 8 years, and know you want us to vote for another clinton? Perhaps you want everything in the whitehouse to get stolen this time, after all, they got away with some of it, why not not vote her in and in 4 years see the whitehouse striped empty?????????????????????

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