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I have tried a number of subscriptions with Agora. When you pay under a $100 and aren't satisfied they cheerfully refund your money.

Now the premium subscriptions are quite another matter. I listened to and subscribed to Tim Sykes Weekend Profit. His presentation shows him jetting to the Carribean for a weekend of fun and wining and dining on his private rented jet. I actually emailed and asked how much he spent on his buys to get these great returns. Never did get an answer to that question.

Next in his presentation he says you don't have to sit in front of your computer waiting for his alert. Well just to make sure that I would have the best outcome I sat with my cell phone waiting for the text, my computer set to and signed on to my online brokerage account, and my tablet on the Weekend Profits website. For 6 weeks I did this. One week we did not get an alert because Tim didn't think there was a good pick. Everyone of the other 5 weeks by the time I got the text, looked up the symbol on the website, and go to trade on my brokerage the stock had already risen above the "buy up to price" and his rules were to not chase the stock. Then on Monday you got to do everything except sell instead of buy. I never got to experience that because I never could buy before the stock was above the 'buy up to price". So in 6 weeks I was still $2995 in the hole, meaning I had not made ANY money.

Now to be fair the customer service people called me and we discussed the problem. Obviously I wasn't the only one complaining because they offered me a refund, which I took.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Investment Service.

Reason of review: The non refundable can be refunded..

Agora Financial Cons: Misleading advertising, Did not deliver on their recommendations, Made it impossible to participate because of timing.

Location: 808 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

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