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I signed up with Agora Financial over 5 years ago. Immediately upgraded to Platinum Reserve.

Cost $3000

Found out after a year of getting very little return on limited investments because I don’t use Options.

I started viewing the opportunities offered in the individual programs that have numerous brochures and even Video products, but come at a high initial price.

When I went looking in Platinum Reserve for the same program I found that the listing being hyped outside the Reserve was not pitched the same way in the Reserve. Often the hyped recommendations were several days old in the Reserve with none of the glitz of brochures or videos and with the majority of products requiring the use of Options to come anywhere near the high returns advertised. I believe that Agora Financial is really for those that have a minimum of at least $20,000 to ever make real gains.

After 5 years trying to both educate their customer care representatives to the false way the Reserve offers much less in the expensive Reserve listings I honestly find that I have never been able to grow my investments

much above $1500-$2000.

So, Why did I stay with Platinum Reserve?

Because after the first 3 months I was told by a Senior Consultant in the hyped Special Customer Service supposedly special for Reserve members that there were No refunds of my $3000 investment allowed after those 3 months.

I recommend that future investors considering getting into the Reserve look very closely at the mostly outdated bland offerings in the Reserve.

This is not the only time I have expressed my disappointment to Customer Service as well as the higher program directors. I often get criticized for not leaping on “Real Money Makers “ , and even asked why I don’t just cancel my subscription?

Here is my heartfelt response after 5 years in the Reserve: I have easily lost over $5000 following “Guaranteed Winners” , but only being able to invest at the stock price as listed, not able to use Options because Schwab and Ameritrade require that I have an account with them of at least $20,000.

That’s my Catch 22!

I would cancel my Platinum Reserve on Monday morning , June 10th IF AGORA FINANCIAL PLATINUM RESERVE will refund my $3000 subscription cost.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Platinum Reserve Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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