Somehow I got directed to moneyguide442 dot com where I found Bill Bonner (Agora Inc. and related companies) had such an important message to tell the world, that he decided not to restrict the information to his usual network of elite private subscribers.

The web page also lists the predictions he made over the past 30 years that have come true none of which is verifiable. The important message Mr. Bonner had was in a video at the end of the article.

After over an hour of self promotion, name dropping, tedious repetition and trivial detail, the video finally got round to the urgent message Bill Bonner wishes to exceptionally gift to the world: Subscribe to his package of products and then the truth will reveal itself.

This web page (moneyguide442 dot com), Bill Bonner, Agora Inc. and all the companies its related to are involved in a scam where scaremongering is disguised as insider information and it's all to one end: to get money out of your pocket and into their's.

Don't take my word for it, just Google for the long list of litigations against Agora Inc. and related companies.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Imagine you are 70 years old but you literally can't afford to retire and are still working. You live on a ranch in South America that nobody wants or is willing to buy from you, the pure definition of a bad investment.

You claim to have seen events before they happened but you have no verifiable printed proof of any of it. A home in Baltimore? again, another really bad investment.

Basically all you have left in life is a newsletter that you hope people will buy so that you don't lose everything else. Welcome to the world of Bill Bonner.


Amazing - trying to cancel the "Bonner Private Portfolio" newsletter . . after 17 minutes on hold (sure sign of a pump n dump org.) gal comes on and states no refunds and no partial refunds either" Stay away from these crooks - now on to the BBB to further register my complaint an then on to social media

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