Unfortunately I listened to a presentation on Friday Aug 3, 2018. The presentation was given by Zach Scheidt Contract Income Alert. The presenters are masters at masking the service with the right financial "buzz" words: almost risk free investing, will deliver great yearly income, simple to do. I guess if I was a financial wizard I would understand what kind investment was being sold. The implication was that the income from buying what he advises you will be comfortable with the income with very little risk. They don't let you know what the service is all about so you could make an informed decision unless you pay. They must be afraid of not getting subscribers if they knew the details. The presentation was deceptive and vague in what it was offering and that generally leads to dissatisfied customers, like me.

Now after reading the basic information of the service I find out that is all about buying BONDS that issue a dividend every 6 months. Now unless you have a ton of money you won't be able to buy enough shares to get much of an income from those bonds. On top of that you only get one recommendation a month. If you aren't already wealthy and can invest $1,000's each month it will take years just to recoup the subscription price.

I called Elite Customer Service to ask for a refund now that I understood what the service involved. I was told that I had agreed to the $1250 nonrefundable subscription and it was impossible to refund the $1250. I asked why because it wasn't like I had gotten 25 tips and was trying to get the service for free. I was then told it was because I had recently gotten a refund of a nonrefundable subscription, one that wasn't delivering what was promised. WHAT DO YOU KNOW, THEY WILL REFUND A NONREFUNDABLE SUBSCRIPTION.

Then to add insult to injury I received a post card today that told me that a subscription (which I don't even own) was set for auto renewal next month for $2000. I may have to cancel the credit card they have on record, so they can't dip into it anytime they feel like it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Income Alert Subscription.

Reason of review: presentation was misleading and vague.

Monetary Loss: $1250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Store Location: 808 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

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By law this is a contract and you have 72 hours to cancel. Their ad is very deceptive and they don't tell you that to get the six figures you need about $120,000 a year that can be tied up!


Sounds like a case for your state's Attorney General or the fraud division of your district's U.S. Attorney's Office.

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