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I signed up for Zach Scheidt's Income on Demand product, and paid the requisite subscription fee.

The advertising recommended that one needed at least US$20,000 to successfully invest smaller amounts in the various opportunities presented. Because I had over US$30,000 in my investment account, I believed that I was a suitable user.

The system uses options and is based on selling puts.

When I attempted to sell my first put recommended, the direct investment bank that I deal through, rejected the order and informed me that I needed to maintain at least US$50,000 in my account at all times because of the risk of having to exercise the option and buy a given stock was high.

I therefore had to cancel my subscription to Income on Demand. As per the contract, Agora withheld 10% of the subscription. Because of the misleading information regarding investment amount, Agora should refund that 10%.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Income On Demand Subscription.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $185.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Agora Financial Pros: Jim rickards impact system.

Agora Financial Cons: Misleading advertising.

Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

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After watching the video on "Income on Demand" my head was about to explode because of all the repetitious content. I was super skeptical and when I finally found out the $2,000 price tag, I backed off.

They sent me an email and tried to entice me with a lower price.

My red flags went off and common sense told me to run away from this one. It all sounded way too good to be true.


Did you ever recoup what was lost?


There is a sucker born every minute.

This is what these get rich schemes count on.


Thank you for posting this, I almost fell for this!


It is correct that TD Ameritrade does not have a $50K requirement. However, the margin they offer for covering exercises is much lower than stock purchases.


If you've received false information in the offer ($20k instead of requiring $50K) The credit card schemes will allow for the return of your funds through a chargeback).

Contact your bank and explain the issue. The offer misinformed and enticed you into a sale using false information that could only be discovered after the transaction. Deceptive practices.


You should use TDAmeritrade. They have no such restriction.


Agora offered, and I accepted, a free one year subscription to any of their offerings. This is most generous and I am more than satisfied with the resolution.

@Arlenne Btv

This sounds like nonsense, not a refund. Avoid them. Change your credit card number and block their emails.


Did you get refunded?


Haven't heard a word from Agora!

I have now just emailed them directly with exactly the same text requesting a refund.


how bout now ?

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