I looked at their posted track record ... their open portfolio of excercised put options...

owned stock against which they sell covered calls ... stands at over 182,000 at cost. As of July 27/16 the value of this account stands at 121,000.

This 60 K loss is partially off set by 25,000 income from calls leaving a 35,000 unrealized loss as of today.

The closed transactions has generated income of 25,000, excluding brokerage fees and subscriptions costs leaving a net loss position of over 10,000 after over two years of trading.

So ... if everyone has followed the recommendations as issued then no, no one has ever made any money with this service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Income On Demand Subscription.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

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I certainly wondered about this. There is nothing very secret or mysterious about selling puts.

The "secret sauce" is which underlying, at what strike, and what expiration. I'm guessing the Tuesday recommendation is for that week's expiration, taking advantage of Monday's time decay.

Tough way to make $1500/month. You would have to sell multiple contracts, opening yourself to the downside of having x contracts times 100 times strike price put to you--could be 10s of thousands of dollars--not to mention the risk the price blows through the strike to the downside.


Thanks, I subscribed in 2016, made a couple of put sales, and reviewed the long positions of stock which presumably were

PUT after the underlying's price went lower than the strike price at expiration day. Then calls were sold on the underlying until, again presumably, the price came up to the original strike price or enough money was made from calls to "break even" or make a, probably tiny, profit, or take a loss to use the remaining principal elsewhere.

I cancelled my subscription, and after 3 requests for refund (minus 10% - that's OK) got the 90% refund, but only after answering their question -- so it is not "No questions asked refunds", although I 'm not sure they said so in their advertisement. Two more weeks to expiration (19 Aug 2016) on SLV 16, sold at 0.50, now 0.00 bid and 0.01 ask, and F 12, sold at 0.48, now 0.11 bid and 0.13 ask. I can wait or buy back the put contracts; I may luck out.

The big, unanswered question for me was what percentage of principal to use as security for selling each cash secured put option position.

Look at the longest multi-year chart of whatever you are considering to hopefully realize how risky the underlying has been and probably will be. The probability of options expiring in the money does constantly change.

Good luck.

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