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They advertise by youtube as another method, but they also trick you into subscribing to them and they make sure to guilt-trip you and make you feel regretful about canceling them, which in my opinion:

there is nothing wrong about that, if they were truly legit, they wouldn't have subtly told a naive, autistic young adult that it wouldn't be in his best interest to refuse their offers.

They also put you on a timer and tell you that if you cancel their offer: "You won't find this opportunity again."

They make it sound like your future is nothing without them, which is absolute ***

When I heard that you can reload the page and nothing happens, that is all I need to know about them.

I don't give a flying *** about what the more popular reviews say about this not being a scam.

A scam in my opinion is over-hyping *** and toying with you and other people's emotions into giving away hard-earned cash.

I thought I was genuinely gonna make some more cash even if I had to sacrifice some to earn more.

But that was never true, and I should have told Dad and researched this beforehand.

But they made sure that I didn't think of doing so, and instead, telling me to make me act immediately and pressing the button, and without too many questions.

Whether their intentions are legit or not (not really.), nothing justifies manipulating innocents into doing things that they had no clue what they were getting themselves into.

I understand how investments work, but this crossed some lines.

I thought I was only gonna give away the intended amount, but NOT all of it.

Ray Blanco and Agora Financials, in my opinion, are financial vampires.

They are good at sucking everything you worked hard to earn, and that is all these cowards are ever good at.

Their emails giving you sympathetic stories and their promises that you'll be their top priority on their list? forget about it.

User's recommendation: Don't trust their advertisements, no in fact, don't trust any ads for that matter, no matter where it comes from, don't trust anyone online.

Monetary Loss: $750.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Agora Financial Pros: Claims of offers into teaching you investments amd tech stocks, Information on 5g killer and huge technology stocks.

Agora Financial Cons: Misleading and cancel subscription shaming, Stealing more than they said, False charade of making you the number 1 priority, False promises and over hype, False sympathetic stories that make you trust them.

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Agora Financial has consented to issue refunds to all who purchased their deceptive "Congressional Checks" or "Republican Checks" product. There's a deadline for filing.

Follow this link! https://www.ftc.gov/enforcement/cases-proceedings/refunds/refunds-ftc-v-agora-financial

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