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I'm neither pleased or displeased with Zach's Income on Demand. I resubscribed to his letter and I think I now have 2 years worth.

I was told that I should have around $20,000 in my account to get started, However, I had to up that to another $20,000 to cover the puts that I had to buy. At this time my account is up on my trades but what was supposed to be just an option account has turned into a basket of stocks that i now own, waiting for them to increase their share price so i can either sell a meaningful call on them or just sell them.

Zach is often late to the table on his option recommendations or doesn't put thought into expiration dates/seasons.

I've learned a lot from this process, however, I can do it myself from here on. With this volatile market it's not going to be so easy going forward so I'm not investing with reckless abandon as i once might have been inclined to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Income On Demand Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Personally, even if they treated me like a King, I would still give a VERY negative review on behalf of everyone else, period!


These are my sentiment exactly as I could have written the above review.I have often not sold a put option Zach recommended and lost out on a lot of cash, but on the other hand, not buying some of his recommendations, has delivered me from being assigned some big losers.

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