I signed up expecting I would receive some insight into how to invest & tips as to what stocks to buy. Instead, I keep being bombarded with all kinds of emails from various people & newsletters wanting me to to sign up & pay additional monies for their book or leaflet on investing.

Every time I receive one of these emails, they want me to sign up for something more & pay more money if I want to know more. I am not happy with Agora & feel I have been taken. I am completely overwhelmed & can't begin to read all of these emails (close to 50 a day).

I have cancelled & asked for my money back. Unfortunately there is no way to reach them, they say my subscription is running out & they will automatically renew on my credit card, when it has only been a couple of months since I signed up & it was supposed to be for a year.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I really appreciate your honest and eye opening review, and the platform Google reviews as a go to point that allows anyone to do their due diligence. I also would warn anyone are thinking of using options platform such as (Optionsmagnat, Binarybooks, Bloombex,) to not even waste your time since they are all scammers out to steal your hard earned money. Oh and sorry to hear of your losses.


I considered this deal until I read the reviews from those who already trusted this guy. Not taking a chance on someone who is not easily reachable.


True for me too. You buy one thing and it generates much email with offers for even more stuff.....never really get straight talk in the subscriptions.

No real reccommendations. just more promises to give names etc with a barage of more mail and the obnoxious webinars with them tooting their own horns for 90% of the time with past results.. I am here for future results! Yeah if I invest 200,000 I can maybe make 20,000 in a month...but thy dont give you the base amount needed to start...

just lots of hot air fear tactics and belittling comments about how you already missed out on the best, but¨then ¨oh wait.....there is one last play if you sign up fior blah blah. I never seem to get the actual companys name if there is one!¨If there is a real investment there it takes forever and more to plow through all their offers, *** and my mailbos- Not possible to recieve 4 short and imminent web reports daily - If you did try to really listen to them you wil be wasting your life away being forever hounded to sign up here an there . UGH!I am glad to see others who feel the same about them. I think Jim Rickards is the biggest buffoon of all.

GOLD this Gold that. Gold has done very little in the past few years.

Doomsday is tomorrow! Prepare now.Bull.


James A. is a good friend of theirs.

Ever got an email from him??? I once drove from Texas to New York...hmm!


cancel that credit card

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