Hi, I'm new to this world of investing and I'm thrilled. I recently started in December 2017, so far I have under my belt 5 trades to date with 4 winning trades.

The one losing trade I had didn't even lose me any money, the reason I didn't lose any money is that I constantly monitor my trade/holdings and i realize that one of the holding was not performing and was going south really quickly so I dumped the holding and took my money out. I then monitored the behavior stock and option and when it hit a low of 0.40 i put all the money i had in my trading account into the option. The advise at the time was to buy a $43 dollar strike with a $2.25 limit and that was INTC. When the prices dropped to 1.50 I close my position and watched and waited seeing that there was a lot of time before the option expired.

when the option hit a low of $0.40 then i reinvested in INTC at that point. So i didn't really lose anything. As I continue to learn all about this new world of investing for me i guess i will learn new strategies. I consider Alan Knuckman to be my mentor.

I started with only $300.00 now I have more than 10X that amount in my account.

It would have been more if I didn't chicken out one the Ali Baba and the U.S. steel trades, I exited to early.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Weekly Wealth Alert Subscription.

Reason of review: Great Information, excellent communication and the results is as advertised..

Agora Financial Pros: Wwa.

Location: 808 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

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There are plenty of investors who do this without Agora or anyone else's help.


Post again after 2 more months of trading. You were lucky but also showed you were smarter by.

Ditching the recommendation and converting it to a winner yourself. Smart move.

You don’t seem to need to pay Knuckman’s. Anything.


Your right it is a scam and I'm really embarrassed and hurt financially because I couldn't afford this venture but I wanted to help my kids with a down payment for a house for their families. Thank Jesus what goes around comes around which is the only solace I have right now.


You must be from Agora because this is a SCAM!

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