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I've had mixed results with Agora. Some of their commentators are better than others.

You have to find one or two of their traders whose advice and style you like and can stick with. None of them are right all the time. Also, when you are first starting out with one of the publications, start small or do mock trades to give yourself time to see how the system works for you. I've observed that any of the systems that claim they will make you a lot of money quickly no matter which way the markets are going, will not work over any extended period of time.

Go for the writers who have been around the longest with the same system that seeks long term results. But bottom line, I don't think Agora is malicious or predatory, some of their newsletters give good advice, some less so.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Yes and there are many RICH Televangelists who are the nicest guys you would ever meet, and you can always find something good about these kinds of people as long as you are willing to overlook there utter lack of emphathy.