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Like many I bought into their claims of making massive profits in a short time. The reality is yes you might get a nice 50% to 100% gain with one or two of Knuckman's recommendations, however what he doesn't mention in his sweet publicity, is that you will most likely lose 100% of your money in many of his other recommendations.

This is the risk, which he does not talk about at all.To give you an idea I have gained 3000$ in total but I have LOST 8000$ with both his " Weekly Wealth Alert" and "42 day retirement".

That loss does not include the thousands spent for his products.

I am sure Mr. Knuckman doesn't worry about those losses since he is probably using subscriber's money to invest, however when I lose 100% of my money I have to earn 200% just to make that loss back. I guess I will have to put off my retirement for a while thanks to him.

Chris Eldridge

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Weekly Wealth Alert Subscription.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Agora Financial Cons: Dishonesty.

Location: Saint-Come, Quebec

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I was about to invest, when the brain said "whoa need to check further". I have been scammed a couple of times recently, unknowing subscribed to "Lifetime Income Report" and "10 Minute Millionaire" all I get are BS e-mails or books that are of no use to a small time investors like me.

I have not received any money or Federal Rent checks. I have tried several times to unsubscribe from Lifetime Income Report without success, I will try again today.

My advice to you is "nothing is free" and I haven't met any 10 minute Millionaires, also be aware that get rich schemes are scams and schemes the people getting rich are the people pitching "their plan". Thanks for letting me vent.


I was considering this investment , however, if it sounds too good to be true, probably is...after reading the few comments of others that tried it and found it to be anything but what was advertised. I don't feel comfortable in paying $2000 for something that is less than good.

I would want to hear from real people with real situations that had better ratings and reviews before I spend my hard earned money on a program that does not provide for a refund if unsatisfied.

Only additional year subscription is what you get instead... UGH Lynda K.


I had the same problem but gave up after a $2000 loss and all the rah rah smoke blowing that he does. I was under the impression that it had a 30 day guarantee but I was wrong. I have given up on the entire company and especially Rickards.


My experience, exactly. When I wrote an exhaustive report here, you stated that within a month you had heard from 200+ readers that they had chosen to not subscribe to WWA, a loss of $400,000 in subscription fees to Agora. You have a powerful force for consumer protection by your publication!


Report to Maryland Attorney General


I sent Weekly Wealth Alert $2000. Never heard from them.

I called and they said my $2000 was non refundable. I figured it was from Agora Financial that it was safe. I have tried their email address and they are not listed.

What can I do? Pat


I agree that Alan Knuckman doesn't tell you about all his losers. Don't believe his claims of 60+ trades of huge profits.


My experience too. Submitted review here earlier you apparently didnt see.

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