These *** lead you into a situation online where, by the time you discover their fish-wrapper news letter you want to know the cost of before you subscribe, you have no way of canceling the transaction. And the cost is $900 a year.

And they have obviously omitted a way to un-do the deal.

Then they ignore emails requesting they cancel the charges.

All you ever hear back is via automatically generated emails that don't mean squat. Never fall for this companies scams.

It appears the only recourse is to contact the credit card issuer and report Agora Financial for fraudulent business practices

Monetary Loss: $900.

Location: Everett, Washington

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Dear Consumers,

I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of service that you have experienced.

I would hate for you to have to go any other avenue like the Better Business Bureau, however, at least the BBB gives me contact information.

On this site it is very difficult to connect with the customer to correct the situation. In many cases we have seen that the refund was already issued.

I would like to work with you to resolve any complaints. Please contact us at this phone number 1 (80*)***-**** or email us support@***.com.

Thank you!

Andrea Michinski Director of Customer Service


If your dissatisfied file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

The companies address is listed at the bottom of the newsletters


Agora Financial is a SCAM. Somehow they charge my credit card $1,500 for their, "Military Tech Alert" newsletter.

after contacting them (800-708-****) I got to speak to 2 different Agora representatives that gladly helped me cancel this charge, and said: "Oh by the way did you know there was a 10 % cancellation FEE?" So I'm out $150 which I am trying to remove also. None of these transactions had any paperwork or E-mail communication to figure out what you are signing up for..

I hate Agora and all scammers like them.


I have am an Agora Financial Subscriber and I must say that the value contained in their newsletters is of a premium and high quality nature. I have learned a tremendous amount about investing from them and have discovered many excellent companies and investments. I have found that every penny I invested in them has paid off for me personally and I continue to love reading their publications and gaining insight from top professionals in the field.


I have subscribed two a number of investment letters over many years & I highly recomend them. I would recomend you start using their advise. You will find the measly sum of$900 pales into insignificance


Dear Agora Financial subscriber,

Thank you for posting your experience and encouraging these customers to call me!

Andrea Michinski

Director of Customer Service


Dear cbtalker,

Thank you for encouraging these customers to call me! I appreciate it!

Andrea Michinski

Director of Customer Service

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