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How i wished i have checked the review online before signing up for the 42 Day Retirement Plan. I will write my thoughts in point form for easy reading.

– I was a subscriber to the above plan from Feb to April 2018.

-Once signed up and paid, any question i have there was NO REPLY whatsoever.

-I lost about USD $4k following their recommendations. I am not looking to retire in 42 days but never did i expect to lose so much money . Lucky i only bought 1 or 2 contracts for most of the options otherwise the lost will be more

– Every time they closed a winning trade, they will go full blast into marketing their winning. But little did the public know, once u became a subscriber and logged into the system, out of the 18 options purchased during this period, 10 options are in the RED and money losing toward the end of the options.

-I will never trust any plans from Agora Financial again.NEVER.

– I was very pissed when i received one of their marketing email and i have copied and pasted what i wrote back for all of you here to see. I have wrote my comment in ((())) besides each of their marketing words.

We are leaving without you, YW

Hey YW

We are leaving without you.

((((How i wish you just leave me alone in the first place!!! Since signing up, it have been many months of bad mood seeing the portfolio in RED and recent BIG breakdown due to option nearing and almost all the options are not moving in the profit direction. Esp the FAST option which have dropped more than 60% recently after the earning date. My portfolio is losing USD 5500 on paper and i can see it becoming a reality with most of the options nearing expiration. I have attached my account information to prove.))))

I’ve pitched this idea so many dang times…

((((This is how i am tricked into signing up in the first place))))

Yet I still haven’t heard from you. ((((Yes you heard from me.Good job to your marketing!))))

You do realize the 42- Day Retirement Plan is the best product in the history of Agora Financial, right?

Alan Knuckman has gone 27 for 27 on his closed trades since launching in October.

(((((Yes i have to agree this is the BEST marketing words but this is downright lying. Instead of 100% win, the actual fact that your win is only about 50%. Once subscriber signed up and logged into your system, they will see more than 15 trades are in the RED. And if this is the best product in the history of Agora, then (see below sentence) I don’t know what else to say….)))))

I don’t know what else to say…

Do you want the opportunity to make money or not?!

((((Do you want the opportunity to LOSE money or not?! My portfolio is losing USD $5500. The only win i walk away so far is the LULU option. I did not buy GS, AKAM and NUAN because of the tremendous fear of losing more money and at that time i was left with little to buy. Most of my money are being tied up in the losing options.)))))

Because this is your last chance.

(((((Last chance of being a stay at home mum with a special need kid. Because of losing money following all your recommendation dutifully, i have no choice but to go back to work. I signed up with modest/humblest intention of earning a few hundred pocket money every month. I am not a greedy person looking to retire in 42 days.Never did i expect to lose so much money. This is TOO MUCH.))))))

His broadcast is being taken off of the web at MIDNIGHT tonight.

You can get access by clicking here.

If you choose to click off of the window, that’s fine- it’s your decision.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

(((((Let me warn you. If i don’t get a refund, i am going to duplicate this email and splash across the internet.))))

You could be up $220k like Vincent R from Miami… ((((((Are you sure?? ))))))

Or like Bert from Augusta who wrote in saying he’s up $400k… (((((Are you sure??)))))

Or Jan who is up $75k total… (((((Are you sure?? )))))

This strategy is no joke… (((((How i wish my portfolio in RED is a joke.)))))

These folks succeed all because they got out of their comfort zone…

(((((Yes i got out of my comfort zone by signing up. Prior to signing up, i have NEVER trade any stock and option because i knew how hard it was for ordinary folk like us to earn money from the market. So i went all the troubles (2 weeks) to set up my first brokerage account,remit money from overseas (i am based in Asia) and getting approval to trade option.))))))

I think you have what it takes to be like one of them… So what’s stopping you?

(((((((Nothing stop me. I gave my full trust to your strategy and put in USD 16,000 into my brokerage account to buy options. Due to time zone different, I even do not mind waking up late hour to trade Alan alert.))))))

If the program isn’t for you… Just close the window, no one is making you do anything.

((((((I closed the window many times yet your marketing email keep coming back to haunt me. Once you closed one winning trade, your marketing team went full blast again.But unknowingly to the public, behind the closed door, out of the 27 closed trades, 15 of them are in the RED. This is unethical for the damaged you caused to me ( i am sure other folks also) emotionally and financially. Your marketing is MISLEADING.))))))

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Subscription.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Agora Financial Cons: Fraud.

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