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I subscribed to their publication (Outstanding Investments) with a full 1 yr $49 'money back guarantee if I was not satisfied with the product.

I wasn't & notified them of that fact & requested the promised refund. Yet, to date they have never sent it, even though I have repeatedly sent them copies of their promised guaranteed.

This company publishes numerous other financial advisory products & is a marketer of riping off the public via not abiding by its own promises to the consumer. In my opinion, this company also needs to be investigated for fraudulent business practices & deceptive advertising.

Bottom line: NEVER buy anything from Agora Financial

Monetary Loss: $49.

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If Agora Financial is questionable, what can you say about their advisor Jim Nelson and the 1086 plan?


Hi everyone,

I have to say I am a bit surprsed at the level of animosity coming up. I have been reading their newsletters from time to time and I have got sucked into the money making dream so I have bought some products. However what happens me a lot is i usually find myself out of my depth and end up cancelling my subscription within the refund time.

I have never had a problem yet. My credit card has been refunded, more than once.

Plus on their general free newsletter I took some advice and lucky or not came up a decent winner.


thanks for the notice - i was about to contact them via the web and as i was putting in their name the complaints came up so i went to it - thank goodness!


Thanks for the heads up!


Addressed to: Joseph Schriefer

Publisher, Agora Financial

Ha Ha Ha "Penny Stocks'



I find it amusing that Agora thought it necessary to post a defense for themselves. Notice that 'dave' has had no problem both subscribing and canceling his subscriptions, yet still continues to make money off of his subscription. classic blanket defense.


I've been reading a few comments or complaints about Agora and I must say that I have never had any issues with subscribing or being able to cancel and get my money refunded. As with any business, you will always find some people that have had bad experiences who what it sounds like have come across some poor CSR's. If this happens always ask to speak with their supervisor or manager.

That is where you will usually find a solution to your problem.

Agora's marketing is somewhat over the top but at this point in time I have been following a number of their recommendations as well as their sister company Taipan and making money.

Good luck in your future endeavors


Dave, How long have you been working with this company? Im new in this and want someone who knows what they are talking about and not out for themselves.

How much money do you need for startup costs and who is a good honest broker to work for you as the Investor? Ive noticed how these guys talk about the same things over and over instead of getting to the point, which is why most people are reluctant in getting started in this type of market. BTW, what is it you get and what the % you actually keep, because I think the brokers take out first then give it to you, right. Im trying to see how I can make some money with $250-$500 to start off and see if I can double it to put it in a higher class type.

start low and work my way up.

Any help will do with all of this. If these people are making money, then there is some way we can to.




Do you know anything about Motley Fool?


Dear Wrangler61,

I'm Joe Schriefer -- publisher of Agora Financial.

I'll gladly make sure you get your money back for Outstanding Investments.

Please give our customer service a call at 1-800-708-1020 and ask for Andrea, our customer service directly. She’ll make sure you get your refund.

Also, I'd like to speak to you personally to find out why you've had a bad experience.

I've notified Andrea that you'll be calling...


@Note from Publisher

I've subscribe to their newsletters and their advices are basically bootlegging the FREE advices of other well known economists. BUY PRECIOUS METALS!

BUY BULLION PRE 1965 SILVER COINS AKA JUNK SILVER! These advices are basically public knowledge for those who are willing to spend a little time and due dilligence on the internet. Why would anyone pay 900$ for free advice by well known economists? Just follow Peter schiff's free weekly newsletters and you'll get more valuable advice than these entry level analysts.

They aren't even analysts , they are nothing but marketers who swindle the ignoramuses out there. As the saying goes, you pay for ignorance.

@Note from Publisher

Sorry Joe, it doesn't work as you state. By phone they will not cancel or refund.

An e-mail sent after the call will tell you that you can only cancel in writing via ordinary mail.

If it's not a scam it's at least a rip-off.


I was going to pay $747 for a years subscription to one of their services. I won't now. I'll spead the word to my 1,128 face book friends and the 500 plus I have on Linkedin.

Thanks for the warning