Tucson, Arizona
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I subscribed to their publication (Outstanding Investments) with a full 1 yr $49 'money back guarantee if I was not satisfied with the product.

I wasn't & notified them of that fact & requested the promised refund. Yet, to date they have never sent it, even though I have repeatedly sent them copies of their promised guaranteed.

This company publishes numerous other financial advisory products & is a marketer of riping off the public via not abiding by its own promises to the consumer. In my opinion, this company also needs to be investigated for fraudulent business practices & deceptive advertising.

Bottom line: NEVER buy anything from Agora Financial

Monetary Loss: $49.

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The email marketing scam sourced from the root of all there other scammers is AGORA Financial. No matter how many times you request your email to be removed from their system you will unknowingly receive another email from one of their other SCAMMERS.

Their emails are very deceptive, misleading and preposterous.

Can you imagine how much money they are making just from SCAMMING $49 out of 100 or 1 million hard working Americans? I hope their is an ATTORNEY out there who will take the time to bring a class action law suit against AGORA financial to bring justice for all who have been ripped off by these SCUM-BAGS.


He continues to send unwanted emails

Even after being locked never requested info fr him

Filed BBB complaints


Get daily unwanted emails from him

Report him to SEC


Dear Consumers,

I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of service that you have experienced.

I would like to work with each customer to resolve any complaints. Please contact us at this phone number 1 (800)708-1020 or email us support@agorafinancial.com.

Andrea Michinski

Director of Customer Service


You idiots DESERVE what you got because you were chasing these get rick quick gimmicks pitched by these *** men. Next time, stop falling for scams and learn that there is no easy money to be made. These guys specifically target idiots like you.


I've been having the same problem I want my $49.00 refunded and to unsubscribe from their newsletters I've emailed customer service many times now and nothing. If I don't get it soon I'm traveling to Baltimore to visit them in person. Trust me they will be sorry if it comes to that.


The person who owns this Web site also owns dozens of other "Make Money Fast" and "Get Rich Quick" sites, and is a large-scale email spammer as well. If you actually fall for these schemes and you really believe the "guarantees" and "promises" they make you...well, there's a saying about a sucker born every minute.

(Did you seriously expect a Get Rich Quick spammer to return your money once you gave it to him? Really?)


You know what they say 'if it sound too good to be true, it's usually a scam.'


Please learn that these types of presentations are "get rich quick and easy" for those marketing to you. They play on your greed. Allow your common sense to click in and protect you from these opportunists


This is a product of a SPAM ARTIST ! These people are paid thousands of dollars to convince you to deposit money into their accounts !

I think it would be a really good idea to have people write to their representatives and complain so that they would pass a law the prohibits any one who writes such lies as Consumer Fraud ! I am sure that it would not convince ever one that it would work, but it does not cost a fortune to at least give it a try !

After all, you have voted that person into office to protect his constituents and that is THEIR JOB !



It is not the government's job to prevent people from making poor decisions. Individuals need to do their due diligence. Government meddling rarely has good results...


My Question is, how can something they say is free and they will send it to you. BUT you have to subscribe to it in order to get it.

And the don't give you an option to get the free reports they are talking about.

Sound like a run around to me. And also I have subscribe to another news letter all related to Agora Financial. It was the same thing.

All wanting money for their subscription. So how do I get the free report without subscribing?


"So how do I get the free report without subscribing?"

You don't. There is no "free" report.

It's a scam. Haven't you figured that out yet?


What you have to know about this firm is that if you buy their recommendations with due diligence or not, always use Stops. I would never subscribe again after pretty significant losses.


I think most people are ignorant and are too proud to admit they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to investments.

@Ignorant ***sumers

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I have been a subscriber for 2-years and have no complaints. They in their opinion recommend a stock and course of action. You still need to do your OWN DUE DILLIGANCE it is after all your money!

Furthermore, most Americans are LAZY and want EVERYTHING DONE FOR THEM!

All the advice I hane received from them and others similar to them have done well by me. So if you are upset call your charge card company, and most people know usually most businesses offer a 30 or 60-Day money back guarantee. True some are a year, but if after 30-Days you should know if its real or bull.

Again I have no complaints with them and their info has been spot on!



I cant see one "backed" (with evidence) complaint on this site. Sounds to me like "guilty till proven innocent".

But investigating (through research), also called "Due diligence" the claims they make, and the individual authors of these reports personal careers as analysts, are the cleanest I've seen.

Perhaps those complaining thought they were just watching another "get rich quick" video. :roll


How many time can you say risk free. 1 hours of Blah. Really sounds like a scam


How do I know who to believe? Who is a shill for the company?

Too scary. Bad reviews about everybody...

competition? I wish I knew.