I read reviews just another internet *** millennial trying to grab money to damn lazy to get a job. Puss on all the fake news thevweb sucks your best to trash the cell phone computer and the internet it’s a democrat device of deceit lies

Location: Roland, Oklahoma

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They do indeed target Republicans and the elderly. I got involved because they were taking my Mom's money and she cannot afford this nonsense.

She was induced into buying some books that were clearly targeting folks who are anti left. Some hypocrisy on their part ripping elderly folks off like this. I do hope they get some time in jail Why has no one investigated them?

According to Glassdoor hey have an office in the UK. Who is really behind this scam?


The company is owned by a libertarian baby boomer and is decidedly right wing. All the owners of the affiliates are white republican men.

Same with the leadership. I worked there for 5 years. They’re scamming their own ppl and it’s hilarious.

You all get exactly what you deserve. Ha ha ha.


Ed, so you worked there for 5 years? Did it take you THAT LONG to figure out it was a scam, or did you just milk it for as long as possible before moving on?

On the one hand, I do echo your sentiment that "You all get exactly what you deserve. Ha ha ha" since this original poster is probably one of those brain-dead Tea Party Conservatives that are swayed by all the radical right-wing hype, that's ready to blame every wrong in the world on the Democrats. Those are precisely the types that this company love to prey on. They get sucked in by a sales pitch that is favorable to Trump or is critical of Democrats and then counts on their gullibility.

I mean, if they believe the Tea Party garbage, why not believe these sales pitches, right? But, on the other hand, nobody deserves to be swindled.

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