Allschwil, Basel-Stadt

The Agora letters are usually fun to read.

As far as I remember (2009-), they claimed there will be a big crash, we should all be worried about our money. Hopefully Agora is here to tell us what to do. The big 2 advises are:

- buy Gold: if you did, you would have lost 30% of your wealth

- don't buy NASDAQ big players, but pick the ones the propose: if you did, you would have skipped the 100% gain of the Nasdaq. Every time they propose to buy a stock, I got the email after the raise happened: it is easy to predict what already happened.

To conclude, Agora Financial is good to scare you and to pick your money, it's sometimes fun to read, but it fails in making you richer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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