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Update by user Aug 18, 2018

Recently Mr Knuchman or colleagues/companies associated with him since it has been known to frequent different financial groups) provided a summary of his recent dealings. I replied to his information and reminded him of the various losing ventures from the early April 2018 time period.

As usual NO REPLY! Here is a modified version of what I sent to him. Mr Knuckman, Your 2 stock recommendation- A and AAL are both losers!! More money lost and you greet this in your email to us with "...No worries, though… We've got plenty more winners on deck..." Winners??

ONLY 20% of your stock picks are winners!!! More evidence that you DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!! These losing stock picks represent cash, money lost by REAL PEOPLE because of YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS!! You are supposed to be a Chief Market Strategist!!!

You profess yourself to have a way of selecting winners. From April 2018 to August 2018 your track record ( by your own account) is 20 % winners and 80 % losers. Yet, you continue to try to scam US with your boasting of selecting winners. My efforts are to warn consumers, of your SCAMS!!!!

In addition, I'm waiting for for you to; 1) reply to my series of email 2) informing me when and how YOU will repay me the $25,000 I lost following YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS including subscribing to your money losing venture entitled 42 Day Retirement Plan Program Mr Knuckman, time is running out!! Sincerely. John.............

PS: This email represents 3 emails in the past week where I have been trying to gain your attention which I trust will result in a response and successful resolution. I am waiting!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 19, 2018

I wrote this letter to Mr Knuckman and receive no reply. I have heard that these guys are a "bunch of crooks!" From my experience below, I could only say maybe they are on to something. The only way to get their attention is to take them to court and start an action lawsuit!

Greetings Mr Knuckman, I would like to share some concerns with you relative to my enrolment in your program, "42 Day Retirement." I paid the required amount to receive your recommendations using your system. Lately you have been sending me emails indicating I over paid for this service and I should send you more money so that I can be part of the lifetime membership! In my previous response to this request, I indicated to you that it was too early for me to make such a commitment since I just enrolled in your program and did not have an accurate read of your track record with respect to your recommendations.

I feel at this time I can provide you with what I feel is a true understanding of your ability to forecast winners in the big picture of your recommendations. In you initial message to me through your advertising, you gave me the impression that your green light system was unique and that few individuals had access to it's information of when to buy a particular stock. I paid good money for your idea and program.

If I track YOUR performance on June 8 YOU sent out a summary of YOUR stock picks. Of the 21 recommendations YOU made using YOUR system, 17 of those stock were losing money and only 4 were showing signs of gains. Mr Knuckman, that result does not reassure me that YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING! On a very sad note, I trusted YOU WITH MY MONEY. Not only the money that I paid to enrol in YOUR program but also the money I am losing using YOUR recommendations. An example of what I am talking about is the following - based on YOUR recommendation I invested in;

1) Walmart (as of your figures from June 8 down 86%) and I also invested in

2) BlackBerry ( down 17%), I invested in

3) FireEye ( down 23%) I invested in

4) Halliburton ( down 40%) and I invested in

5) Dentsply Sirona Inc. (down 88%). This is unbelievable!!

Mr knuckman you owe me money! Based on your recommendations, I should be making money hand over fist. BUT, based on your record as stated above you have a failure rate of 80 % With those numbers I'am surprised you are still in business.

I could keep going on but I trust you got my message.

I look forward to your response.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Investment Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Agora Financial Cons: Did not deliver on their recommendations, Did not stand behind their recommendations, Track record on delivering profits were dismal, Do not trust alan knuckman or anyone associated with him.

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WoW! You mean these folks are still in business?

Should there not be some kind of investigation into these dubious practices? But I mean really...if you knew how to make 200%, 500%, or 10X your money, would you be selling newsletters?

Or would you be quietly raking it in?? Having said that, that does not give anyone the right to exploit someone's gullibility or greed.

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