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I am Hearing Impaired and was reviewing the product on the screen I got the invitation for 'Chat' I started the 'Chat' with their Customer Care Agent Mallory, she offered to place Order via Chat and I ordered the product. Here is the Transcript of the Chat: Chat started on 10 Aug 2017, 03:11 PM (GMT+0) (03:11:35)*** Visitor 85968877 joined the chat *** (03:11:35)Visitor 85968877: hHi (03:12:09)*** Mallory joined the chat *** (03:12:14)Mallory: Hi, this is Mallory.

Id be glad to help you today. If, at any time, youd like to speak to me, my direct number is 443-353-4836. How can I assist you? (03:12:49)Visitor 85968877: Is The membership Fee is $3000.

(03:13:06)Mallory: It is. (03:13:10)Mallory: If you give me a call I can connect you directly with a membership executive who is an expert in this service. They will go over the most cost efficient account structure that we have available to offer, to increase your opportunity of success. They can also ensure that your order processes correctly for you.

(03:14:06)Visitor 85968877: *** MalloryCan we continue Chat, I am not available on Phone (03:14:59)Mallory: Our membership executives are only able to communicate with customers by phone, they are not able to discuss the pricing options that they currently have available through chat or email. (03:15:23)Mallory: If there is a better time that I can give you a call, I am here until 5pm ET and would be happy to call you. (03:16:02)Visitor 85968877: I am Hearing Impaiured specially on Phone (03:17:54)Mallory: Ok we can communicate through chat. What our membership executives would have offered is a bundle membership option, if you have other services with us as well.

Bundles give you permanent access to our research without having to purchase services separately. (03:18:48)Mallory: Otherwise, if you just want this service, if we have a credit card on file I can personally make sure your order processes for you. (03:19:55)Visitor 85968877: Yes I have other Services With you (03:20:04)Mallory: What is your email address? (03:20:21)Visitor 85968877: (03:20:34)Mallory: Thank you.

(03:20:56)Mallory: I can bundle this service along with a few other, very similar programs that will lower your cost per recommendation while drastically increasing your chances of success with our research. (03:21:05)Mallory: It is my professional recommendation that you join our Platinum Reserve membership. That is the account structure that our most successful members use. You can access 99% of what we produce for one payment.

It actually provides you two lifetimes of access. There is no need to renew your memberships every year. And anything new we add to the Reserve is automatically added to your account, at no cost. (03:21:12)Mallory: We charge non members $12,500 for this level of access.

But I could set you up today for $10,000. (03:23:24)Visitor 85968877: I can't afford (03:23:48)Mallory: Not a problem. Are you still interested in signing up for the Crypto Alert for $3000? (03:24:16)Mallory: We have a credit card on file ending in -6655.

If you'd like, I can personally process your order for you. (03:24:51)Visitor 85968877: In Step 1 Above I have Life Time Membership for $3000 (03:25:31)Mallory: Correct. A lifetime membership for the Crypto Alert would be $3000. Is that what you would like to purchase?

(03:25:48)Visitor 85968877: Ok (03:26:07)Mallory: Would you like me to use the Discover card on file ending in -6655? (03:26:23)Visitor 85968877: Yes (03:26:35)Mallory: Thank you. One moment please while I process your order. (03:29:04)Mallory: Thank you, your order has processed.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly. Thank you for your order. Is there anything else that I can assist you with today? (03:30:05)Visitor 85968877: When Do I get these Crypto Currencies to Buy (03:31:03)Mallory: Your confirmation email will contain all of the information that you need.

You will receive it within the hour (although it usually MUCH quicker). If you do not receive it within the hour please let us know here on chat (you can ask for me by name), and we will look into it for you. (03:31:58)Visitor 85968877: Can I get the Transcript of This Chat (03:33:21)Mallory: Yes. If you click Options at the bottom left corner, you will have an option to email the transcript to yourself.

(03:34:53)Visitor 85968877: Bye Now (03:35:00)Mallory: Goodbye (03:53:31)*** Visitor 85968877 left the chat *** NAMEVisitor 85968877" When I went thru the product which I found too complicated had to Open Accounts with Bittrex Exchange, and Coinbase. BIttrex will not trade with US Dollars unless one deposits atleasr $10,000. Any way I decided to cancel my order and send my Cancellation. I got the message to contact Account Manager by Phone.

Since I am hearing impaired I sent an email that I need the details of my Billing via Chat as my order was placed by Chat, I have not received any response to that. I am going to dispute this charge after I have not heard from them in 15 days' time from the date of order.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial The Crypto Alert Subscription.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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