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Dude your just another democratic scammer trying to steal peoples money.

I'm interested to know how long you rode under hillary the devil's skirt to pick up her habits.

Testimonials my ***

Your just another crook like your mentor killary.

Go find a rock to climb under or better yet wait until killary gets arrested for her crap and maybe they will put you and her in the same cell along with obumma and the rest of ya'll crooks.

I can not wait until the day your group of democratic theives are finally arrested and convicted for the lying,stealing,murdering acts you thought you had gotten away with.

You will all BURN IN HELL!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Account.

I didn't like: Theives.

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In case anyone is wondering, the original review has been removed per my request, mainly because I promised Agora via email that I would if they settled for the meager $105 fraud charge. Not certain about that as of yet but my bank was able to credit my account for such a small amount,and that's good enough for me.

I was actually one of the few lucky ones having such a small loss, but still not sure whether Agora will go along with it? Either way my true ANGER came more from what they were doing to others and not so much my own issues.

And thought it was uncalled for and counterproductive as far as helping mine or anyone else's situation. And also I don't believe anyone here is a "bot", and regardless of whether you had a "personal" experience with them, still have the right to speak out against what AGORA is still continuing to do to so many, politics aside of course.


This "person" (or Russian bot) is simply using this website as an opportunity to spew hate and nastiness. I don't believe they actually have had any real experience with the company .

In fact, I don't believe this came from a real person. I came to this site for real info but I believe this particular "person" is violating your T of S.

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