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I wished I had looked at the reviews of Agora before I invested $2000.00. This company will promise you huge sums of money but deliver little or nothing.

I have invested in 4 companies, 3 of them have made me a total of $300.00 and the 4th is losing $50.00. This is a far cry from the $6000.00 they say you might make on your first trade. They hit you all day with schemes to make easy money but when you get to the bottom line you must pay more money to find out the secret. One of their favorite ways to get you to do something on impulse is to do the following: "We’re Sorry…we’re pulling this controversial video offline in just a few hours".

They claim they are only interested in you making money but in my opinion they are only interested in taking you to the cleaners. They blast you with a sell pitch about how their access to a Sqwawk box gives them insight to where the market is going and they will send you an ipad and Sqwawk box so you can get their revelations instantly.

The Squawk Box is just a wireless speaker. Stay away from this company if you want to keep your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Investment Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Agora Financial Cons: Fraudulent advertising.

Location: 808 St Paul St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA

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Sorry about the many issues you are having with these crooks, and was wondering about the Squawk Box, and if that is similar tool to the one that has a green or red light flashing beside the stock that is about to move? I think they called it a black box or something?

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