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(Oddly enough, I did not see that this website is called Pissed Consumer until I had submitted this review, which is actually quite positive.  I started out to comment on another review, and they asked me if I wanted to make it a full fledged review. Oops.)

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I have used Agora's Income On Demand and, like another reviewer, I agree that it is unfortunate that you have to have a large reserve on hand. The strategy is one of making money through the selling of put options; the reserve is in case your puts get exercised and stock shares are put to you.  But if that happens you can then use the shares for covered calls and keep making money with them until they are called in (with a nice profit, no less), or you can profitably sell them.

I have to say that I have made decent money with an account in the $25K range. My target is $1000/month to supplement my Social Security and so far I have surpassed that easily.  Not bad at all for that size account!  My broker is Interactive Brokers and they did not try to impose the restrictions that stopped another reviewer in his tracks.  (Also, IB has excellent commission rates, but they do require at least $10K to open an account.)  Income On Demand is for people looking for relatively small but fairly reliable returns, no major jackpots here due to the nature of selling puts. I have had good luck with it, using due caution of course, and I do plan to renew.

I do not work for Agora and am in no way associated, other than the subscription.  I very rarely give good reviews on services I have tried, as I have had very bad luck with most (including some other Agora services). Regarding those, I will note that Agora did not hesitate to refund my money when I canceled during the trial period, though they do keep 10% of the fee.  Income On Demand is one of the very few services that has delivered just what I was hoping for, and just what was promised.

Reason of review: Good quality.

Agora Financial Pros: Made decent money following a simple strategy.

Location: Pembroke, Virginia

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OK, but there's a Gray Area here-money in reserve;the video didn't talk much about that. Also, there was some bad grammar in a few of their sentences(don't have time to get into that, I'd have to watch the whole#@***video to find them)_As I said, a few of these sentences had bad grammar, but I couldn't help but wonder if they weren't intentional, as they were constructed in a way the reduces their liabilities.Oh well, welcome to the wild,wild West, I mean Internet!


I very much interested in this strategy selling puts earning income and indeed I have tried and made some money. I subsequently pulled out because investment on the actual stock which I have no intention of owning, apart from cash outlay.

I did ask Zek to give me a run down on his past performance if I only sell puts but when puts rise in price, I will cut loss without owning stock.

How wound your strategy work or perform.

I have no answer from him. Any one to help?


Selling puts on stocks you would not want to own is a bad strategy, and not what is recommended by Income on Demand. Buying your puts back to "reduce risk" is also a bad idea.

If you want to "reduce risk" sell further our of the money options. That is not to say don't buy your open put back to minimize a loss. Finally, if you are risk averse, consider selling put credit spreads.

That way you limit your loss to the spread, although you cut potential profit by the cost of the option purchased. All in all, put selling ( and occasional covered calls on the stocks you get put) can be a very conservative and effective income strategy.


If you open another browser window, the video site will ask if you would rather read the transcript. Then you can scroll down a couple miles to the I'm In button, click it, and see how much the thing they are talking about costs.


Thank you for your candid and positive review. I subscribed to Income on Demand for three months (as I recall) at $495.

What is missing from their ad and clever video is the three-minute earnings of a couple hundred dollar require expiration of the puts (or calls) and that is close to two months and 3 minutes. ;-)

I have taken only one position so far, because I started with $2000; though, $20,000 was recommended. I am happy to hear that with $20K you were able to earn the $1000-$1500/month that is advertised.

I plan to increase my portfolio.

How many times did you end up owning the stock? And did they tell you when to sell calls?


I do not subscribe to Income on Demand (yet) but if the holding time bothers you, there are weekly options on most of the better stocks worth owning today. Thus, selling on Tuesday lets you know the outcome on Friday of the same week (4 days).

Weeklies can be more volatile but time decay is definitely working in your favor even when the stock drops a bit. Take your out of the money put premium and divide by the days to expiration and you'll have a pretty fair idea of how much the option premium will drop each day until expiration.

Weigh that against you expectation of the stock price movement and you can get a sense of profit/loss expectation. Nothing is ever guaranteed of course, but it's reducing a complex analysis to simple math.


If you are happy with them and intend to renew why did you cancel during the trial period??


isn't it a crying shame that the droning goes on and on and one waits for him to get to the friggin point...and yet he doesn't

im waiting to see what he is selling? if he is just selling the advice on selling put options...oh good grief...

as a former member of the CBOE and CBOT as a market maker floor trader...i most likely could run circles around this guy and spin him put strategies that would finally put hair back on his bald head


You probably could, i.e. I know a banker that sells naked put every day, but...

He's playing with OPM, and has years of experience, as it sounds like you do too. I agree, the marketing go's on and on and on... but one has to remember, their audience isn't you and me, or my banker friend. And their strategy is designed for ease of understanding with a degree of safety accepted by the ruling class for average investors trading IRA's, 401(k)s, and retirement savings.

I'm not a subscriber, but I wound up here while trying to establish the veracity of the author and the claims of the publisher.

Your comment adds nothing to the conversation, either pro or con, that benefits the average searcher looking to do his due diligence. But thanks for sharing....

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