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Originally subscribed to WWA for $2,000 with guarantee of 20 doubles in first year or second year free and 30 day trial provision . After some delays I received confirmation with notice that I had been awarded the second year implicitly as a bonus.

I didn’t notice that with that bonus the 30 day trial had been omitted. Three weeks later I inquired whether the trial period could be extended another month to give us both a chance to generate satisfaction. I was then told there was no trial period at all. They said unless I could show them where a trial was specified they would not honor that claim.

I went back and tried to find references to that original offer but Agora had effectively scrubbed the online history to only contain later versions of the 50 minute video presentation that does not mention any trial. Email and phone discourse has been equally defiant. They also added $160 to my $2,000 charge for sales tax! Has anyone ever paid sales tax on a subscription?

I haven’t tried to verify that they even paid that to some government. After that dishonest treatment, I have actively followed all Alan Knuckman’s weekly recommendations with a modest $500 investment. He advises to sell early half of an investment when there is a modest gain, so any doubles that occur will only be on 1/2 the initial investment. In 3 months there have only been 2 that barely occurred, doing am currently suffering a $4,xxx loss in addition to the original fee.

I feel like a fool for believing the exaggerated and seemingly fraudulent claims of the promotion. In addition, Alan often claims his entry price is lower than what I (and probably all other subscribers) can achieve so his performance is more noteworthy. I have written him about these distortions but Agora always says SEC regulations prevent them from answering specific questions about my issues. And recently the feedback address of AskAlan@AgoraFinancial.com has been disconnected so they are not allowing any feedback.

Trying to contact Agora about the WWA service yields fruitless results. I finally asked the Agora customer service who I could write to with these concerns and after some delay was given a name but in writing to that person I never get any reply. After several years of dealing with financial advisory services, Agora seems to have the most promising and convincing promotions, but the worst performing services. Now they are taking this approach of offering no trials and guaranteeing results by extending a damaging and fraudulent period of the same service.

A worthless, no cost to them provision to make things even worse. They have just completed a new merchandizing scheme called 42 Day Retirement Window where they guarantee (sic) you can turn a modest $1,000 investment $420,020 in 42 days for the $2,000 fee. Same guarantee and up front about the no refund based on the incredible claim that this is such a good deal that they can’t afford to offer the trial period. I say incredible because if it is so good they could easily offer that deal because no one would exercise that provision.

I am glad to find someplace to vent these concerns on public to see if these aren’t common concerns and get ideas on how to overcome such greedy presumptuous business practices. How can this feedback venue be made more visible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Weekly Wealth Alert Subscription.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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to Tim Upton #1445899

I wrote to Tim but got no response. That was 2 weeks ago.


Agora sent me an email about getting free money from Wall Street. This is nothing more than selling Put Options can be dangerous if your Put is exercised. Personally I think it is extremely risky


For whatever it's worth to anyone reading this you can get the same 3 option indicators for free on Finviz.com

to Dr XXX #1412091

Thank you for turning us on to the Finviz.com website. There is alot of information there.

But I was unable to find the free 3 option indicators you speak of. Your help in finding that would be much appreciated.

Do you believe these are the same green dot indicators that Knuckman is promoting in his The 42-Day Retirement Plan?

to Gary W #1417358

Hi Gary

Did you get an answer regarding the 3 green lights ?

Thank you for your input.


to Dr XXX #1417357

Thank you

to Dr XXX #1443520

I looked at FinViz.com and can't figure out where the 3 green lights are either.


Same here.

we need to put together a class action suit.

to Marty Katz #1394927

Mary. I’m so w you.

How do we get started? I’m in Nevada.

I’ll give 10%-*** 50% back to charity. They just need to be penalized for this.


I did and could not get any refund either. I do not recommend any of their advisory publications.

I cannot find their written guarantee but it was specifically implied.

I have been with these people for a number of years and the past 2 or so have just been a headache.

I bailed on all of their services.

to Barry Gorman #1393634

I am still with their Kinetic Profits publication & that has been profitable


Did anyone who subscribed to WWA do so before July 15 and get the 30 day trial offer? If so, I'd like to know and get a copy of the confirmation or offer to show it did exist.


Why would one sign up for a service that when you find out it is useless you get a free additional year?

to Arne #1384168

Exactly. It’s so incredulous.


I am so glad you all take the time to write the review, Me and my friend are about to join but not anymore! $2000 is a lot for a year subscription, with bad service and ignorance, that’s is a big NO to join. Thanks

to Sam #1384170

I was glad to find a place to post. But how many read here first like you did. Glad it helped.

to Sam #1394929

Plus, unless you can get a level 3 option clearance, you Can’t do this.

to Sam #1407314

I’m glad you were pleased with my review. I just wish there was a wider distribution of this kind of product review. Consumer Reports would be a good place.


I absolutely agree with everything you say. In my opinion Agora is a sham operation that will say anything and deliver nothing, then ignore your complaints.

To anyone even remotely thinking about investing in any services or subscriptions with Agora, my recommendation is DON'T. I believe they are dishonest, immoral, and as crooked as a dog's hind leg.

to brucej2017 #1384173

You said it stronger than I did, but I feel just as you do. I subscribed to several of the famous James Rickards services too, like Gold Speculator and Currency Wars Alert and had the same disgusting results.

And yet the Palm Beeach Letter by Tom Dyson has maintained its integrity. Surprising.

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