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I plan to buy Monday, Agora WPI software that senses a spike of volume purchased of option strings that underlying a stock. I can try the software for 3 months.

I have been simulating trading with Think or Swim software from Ameritrade for 6 years. The software can be tried for $600. I learned of this software because i receive daily news letters from my Agora Financial news letters. Why would I spend $600 on this software?.

It is because I believe there is an elite group of seasoned stock brokers that somehow get pre knowledge of up coming significant public company market news like a take over, significant product announcement or market expansion. I tested the 10 company and transaction 2017 date examples provided by the Agora WPI Spike presentation and supported Ameritrade Candle chart screen shots validated there was a significant increase in stock price right after the date of the 1 of 10 transactions given. The last example was for Straight Path Communications, Inc. April 6 2017 stock price was $35.15, one of the many option strings available April 6 was a option contract priced at .225 cents a share so 100 shares was $22.50 with a projected strike price of $50 a share before April 17, 2017 a long shot to the general market.

But within 4 days the stock rose to $250 from $35.15 and blew right through threw the $50 strike price which cause the option 100 share value to rise to $59,533 in 8 days. This number was validated with a screen shot developed with the help of Ameritrade support as I had actually purchased the option in simulation paper trade mode on April 6, 2017. Prior to my $600 commitment I plan to ask the following questions of Alan Knuckman as they are closed today Black Friday holiday open Monday. Questions 1.

Is this the WPI software that seeks and finds a spike of volume in the option strings of a stock theoretically supporting pre-Knowledge of a major event in company resulting it sharp rise in stock value? 2. What kind of support goes with this system re trade exit advice? 3.

What are my chances of success if my first attempt is to only take an option with expiration in a few weeks priced below .30 cents a share and has a strike price at least 15 points higher than the stock price with a current account balance of $242? This allows at least 7 unique stock ticker chances to hit a high revenue multiple . FYI: I believe there is an elite group of stock investors that have pre-market news knowledge and purchase large volumes of underlying option strings prior to the announcement of a major up coming new event causing a spike in the purchase of option strings. This results in a sharp significant increase in stock price.

If you use a small amount under $30 for 100 shares your risk is no more than $30 but your potential to profit is significant say $5000.

Next trade $1000 of a .30 cent option .... I am willing to communicate with any one at email

Product or Service Mentioned: Agora Financial Business Software.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

I liked: Because i bought 3 suggested penny stocks and they all winning.

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Is this guy a shill or a victim?


Any prior knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, manipulation of stock prices, are considered insider trading, which is a Federal Crime, punishable by fines and jail time.


Interesting results when you run his profile picture through reverse google image search...

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