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Here's a guy with all these impressive credentials YET his track record is pathetic!!! I signed up a month ago and after getting access to Jim Rickard/Dan Abass actual closed and open recommendation was astounded to see they lost on over 70% of their trades with a cumulative dollar loss of some 280% both closed and open trades. I complained to management asking for a full refund of my $1750 and they basically said tough ***...all we give in... Read more

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What they don't tell you, is that you'll need to tie up as much as $10,000 for several months to make $300 now. That's a 3% return on investment. Complete deception in their sales pitch on this thing. The advertisement is further deceptive in their refund policy. It SCREAMS "100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK". In tiny print where you're likely to never see it, it says they refund only 90%. I subscribed and cancelled within one week and it cost me... Read more

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I finally gave in and subscribed after gaining 150% from 2/2 thru 5/1 by picking the gig names plus a few small ones that were held in GDXJ and SILJ. Getting the two gold coins was nice, but Rickard's picks haven't yet done anything great. But DO NOT count on him to stick to the self-announced SELL strategy that you receive with your subscription! He let a few holdings drop to 30%, even 35% below their trailing stops last month, and never closed... Read more

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these people are bad news not good at all! They take 49 dollars to hook you then suck 99 dollars out each month for WHAT? two books that just repeat what his original article says ! its ***! I called to cancel a month ago after the books got here, then I canceled ... Remember no questions asked ? They still are charging my accnt $99.00 every month. I'm done with them.....after I get my money back!!! I have nothing more to say about these... Read more

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Be wary, I have been subscribing to the above for the last 7 weeks. Being a gold bull I was keen to make use of JR's expertise along with his Harvard trained geologist's connection to the mining industry. The portfolio consists of 'hand picked' junior miners, all well known to the geologist, who personally knows the mines, mine management and the potential of the mine/exploration future. Great news or what? I selected 11 of his picks. So far... Read more

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I could not agree more. I subscribed to Strategic Intelligence on the basis of hype, unsubstantiated hype. It runs akin to the paid teaser services in the microcap sector. Massive wealth is all but guaranteed using these "proprietary methods". I have done my own due diligence in the mining sector and precious metals, and I have realized extraordinary gains, self directed. I read The New Case For Gold and Currency Wars and found both books to be... Read more

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I tried the initial trial and wasn't impressed with what I saw. Called to cancel. 2 months later I was charged $99. I called again to complain and they said I'd never cancelled. They refused to issue a refund, but assured me that the account was indeed cancelled this time. Fast forward a year and I wake up this morning to yet another $99 charge which over drew my bank account. Ofc, I can't get ahold of anyone. These people are a bunch of thieves... Read more

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Scam artists, pure and simple. No legitimate, usable advice. Only a barrage of baited hooks designed to extract as much money as possible from it's list of responders. Demanded a refund. Supposed to receive it in 3 to 5 business days. I will post another review as to whether I receive the refund as promised.

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Agora Financial is a political based financial advice that explains that the Democratic Party is going to destroy the American economy on September 30, 2016. This article goes on the explain without any details or evidence that this problem can be avoided by purchasing Jim Rickards Financial Strategic Intelligence Book for and unlimited amount of money. I have used for almost 15 years and now find that has become the latest... Read more

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Here is another online scam called Manifesto of Uber Economy! Probably Bill Bonner himself keeps writing the bull *** from his French chateau or Ireland disguised under the dead Joel Bowman! And it looks like they all including Mark Nestmann, the overseas investment and protection guru using the same many pages template to manipulate the gullible minds not only Americans but mostly readers in Europe and South-East Asia! Read more

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