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I just forked over $49.00 to this scam! I thought that it was from Agora Financial of which I have been reviewing as of late.. Yes, a meager income of disability at 63 yrs. old & single leaves much room to believe that this is possible... I might as well have flushed this down the toilet by so wanting to believe in something as it were true..... It's sickening to realize how vulnerable we can be in despair by wanting to believe in this world....... Read more

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I purchased the JR Strategic Investment to hedge my bets just in case he was right. While I have no doubt that Mr. Rickards is a well rounded economist the problem is that his conclusions are always 100% wrong. When the Yuan joined the SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) Rickards suggested it was the end of the Dollar as we know it. I spoke to a former European Secretary of the Treasury to get his input and he said nothing would change. Sure enough,... Read more

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I also agree. Rickards and his Harvard trained Penny Gold stock analyst are just scams. I bought all his projections for Penny Gold stocks with a considerable investment in 17 of his recommended stocks. After the first 9 months of "buy and hold" I am down 23%, and my losses based on his recommendations using his MIDAS System keep piling up. I am a seasoned 40 year investor. How I fell for this scam shows you how polished and convincing the... Read more

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Where did this *** company come from? What do they want? I am so tired of their invasion! Get rid of them!!!!!!!!!! They are so invasive. Why do I keep get their *** emails? Who is responsible for the content of their posts, they are so out of touch with reality! I have assigned them to my spam folder. I hope to never see another email as long as I live. Never, never, never, never, never, again! I can keep writing the same things over and... Read more

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Read this stuff about impending bust figure it was most likely a scam but seemingly only $49. Will ring Amex to cancel in the morning!

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For years I subscribed to Chris Mayer's Agora newsletter. Late last year I had more than 20 positions based on his recommendations. I was comfortable because he had a decent historical track record but a number of his small cap stocks last December were underwater or close to break even after giving up earlier gains. Early this year Mayer departed abruptly to join an affiliated company controlled by Bill Bonner. This was a very stressful... Read more

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JIM IS A SCAMMER - AGORA FINANCIAL WANT MORE MONEY FROM YOU SIGN UP AND PAY $89 SEE LIVE INTERVIEWS AND THEN SIGN UP FOR another $1750 , sign up for over 20 - 30 subscriptions wtf this video limited to 4000 people only and you find out there si over 10000 people watching the same interview , mmm multiply that by 1750 dollars - instant millionaire from rags to riches for jim and his cronies . they'll give you his hard luck story , to make you... Read more

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Here's a guy with all these impressive credentials YET his track record is pathetic!!! I signed up a month ago and after getting access to Jim Rickard/Dan Abass actual closed and open recommendation was astounded to see they lost on over 70% of their trades with a cumulative dollar loss of some 280% both closed and open trades. I complained to management asking for a full refund of my $1750 and they basically said tough ***...all we give in... Read more

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What they don't tell you, is that you'll need to tie up as much as $10,000 for several months to make $300 now. That's a 3% return on investment. Complete deception in their sales pitch on this thing. The advertisement is further deceptive in their refund policy. It SCREAMS "100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK". In tiny print where you're likely to never see it, it says they refund only 90%. I subscribed and cancelled within one week and it cost me... Read more

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I finally gave in and subscribed after gaining 150% from 2/2 thru 5/1 by picking the gig names plus a few small ones that were held in GDXJ and SILJ. Getting the two gold coins was nice, but Rickard's picks haven't yet done anything great. But DO NOT count on him to stick to the self-announced SELL strategy that you receive with your subscription! He let a few holdings drop to 30%, even 35% below their trailing stops last month, and never closed... Read more

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