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Somehow I got directed to moneyguide442 dot com where I found Bill Bonner (Agora Inc. and related companies) had such an important message to tell the world, that he decided not to restrict the information to his usual network of elite private subscribers. The web page also lists the predictions he made over the past 30 years that have come true none of which is verifiable. The important message Mr. Bonner had was in a video at the end of the... Read more

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I agree to pay $4.95 for a "free book". The book was a rambling, poorly written piece of garbage. Then 2 months later my credit card was charged $99 for Jim Rickards Strategic something or other. When I called to complain they hung up on me. Do NOT give this company a credit card number! Any money that you give them will be as wasted as if you had burned it. They are crooks without a conscience. Any money that you give them will be as wasted as... Read more

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I Yesterday Jul 15th 2016 I received my 1st issue of and after receiving my credit card statement and seeing they had billed my card for 99.00 for i year subscription. I had tried to contact them to no avail, Then I found a customer service site and ask to cancel which they did, and ask them to refund my 99.00 which that informed me that I was outside refund period. Other companies if your not happy will refund your money, but not Agroa. ... Read more

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Has anyone actually made money with Agora Financial LLC, selling options? I just watched an email advertisement claiming that Arora Financial will provide me with big blue chip company names every Tuesday morning that generate real income over 98% of the time. These people want investors with a minimum investable income of $20k. They are asking for $1500 for their starter kit. I am trying to find out if this is just another internet scam or... Read more

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They say you have your 30 days of trial, but all they do is send you more advertisements on their products. I tried to cancel their subscription, but they are never available and say call them back at 9 AM EST on Monday (Only that time). They won't even let you enjoy the whole 30 day trial either. By the 29th day 12am they will automatically deduct $100. This site is an official scam site. I never write reviews because I am lazy, but this entity... Read more

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deceptive service (Jim Rickards Strategies), as well as misleading marketing and criminal customer service. Called 4 times 1st time they could not hear me in the middle of wanting to cancel/discontinue service, 2nd time got disconnected once I told them I wanted to discontinue service w/in 30 day grace period and the 3rd time dropped the call as soon as I got connected. The 4th time After further discussion w/Josh, all I could get was a discount... Read more

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I recently signed on with Agora Financial after seeing an advertisement concerning a so called "financial maneuver" that makes money within 3 minutes easily. I have uploaded a screenshot of this advertisement below. I paid $49.95 for the membership to take advantage of this, and was curious if anyone else has seen this, or tried it before.... There was a promised 60-day, no questions asked refund, but I have seen reports that they make it very... Read more

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Subscribed to the Bubble Finance Trader two months after it started and recorded nothing but losses since signing up. The whole premise is to make a huge amount of money if the market crashes, which will probably happen at some point in the future. However Stockman's pitch leads one to believe it is happening any day now, in the mean time money you have invested in the puts that he recommends are taking it on the chin with no relief in sight. ... Read more

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This company spams me. I don't trust people who resort to spamming. Read more

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WOW!!! I just read, in an email that was sent to me from Agora Financial, about piggybanking income during retirement from Canada. It claimed that you did not have to live there, work there, visit there, or give up any of your SS retirement benefits to receive this "no work retirement money". First i checked with the BBB, surprise...they are not accredited by the BBB. Then i googled Agora financial company and found this site, which has turned... Read more

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