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I made the colossal mistake of purchasing the Agora Financial Reserve membership for $10K. It supposedly gave me lifetime access to all of their publications. After subscribing, they immediately terminate the more successful publications and re-launch them under a different shell company, which I have to pay AGAIN to receive. They are the worst of the bait-and-switch crowd, by far. ... Read more

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Dishonest advertising! Run as far away and as fast as you can! Add comment

I have lost complete respect for Jim Rickards. All of the most outrageous claims that he and this Agora outfit produce with all his so-called breakthrough strategies is fraudulent in my opinion. Then he and Agora hide behind the "we don't give investment advice disclaimers". Well, we'll see. Add comment

I have used Agora's Income On Demand and, like another reviewer, I agree that it is unfortunate that you have to have a large reserve on hand. The strategy is one of making money through the selling of put options; the reserve is in case your puts get exercised and stock shares are put to you.  But if that happens you can then use the shares for covered calls and keep making money with them... Read more

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Agora was once a source for interesting p[rovocative ideas. Now they are another part of Porter Stansberr's empire of ***. Stansberry ihas a record of fraud. He ons Agora and the Casey letters. James Altucher is also part of the empire of garbage. Beware all of the Stansberry letters. They will only hurt you This site wants 80 words. I have no more to say. I need 19 more words. Agora had a letter... Read more

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The Agora letters are usually fun to read. As far as I remember (2009-), they claimed there will be a big crash, we should all be worried about our money. Hopefully Agora is here to tell us what to do. The big 2 advises are: - buy Gold: if you did, you would have lost 30% of your wealth - don't buy NASDAQ big players, but pick the ones the propose: if you did, you would have skipped the 100%... Read more

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I responded to an Agora Financial advertisement wherein they claimed they had conducted extensive research into emerging bio tech stocks that had been producing exceptional returns. They charged $1,250 to my credit card and before I knew it an allied company Jim Ricard Strategic had charged $99 recurring charge for investment advice. I started receiving emails exceptionally long that then... Read more

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I signed up for Zach Scheidt's Income on Demand product, and paid the requisite subscription fee. The advertising recommended that one needed at least US$20,000 to successfully invest smaller amounts in the various opportunities presented. Because I had over US$30,000 in my investment account, I believed that I was a suitable user. The system uses options and is based on selling puts. When I... Read more

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Paid $250 for "special lifetime of conferences from Jim Rickards. The first one was supposed to be today at 10:00 am. Never got a link to the conference. Something is not right with this company. I called and had to wait ten minutes before I could talk to a rep. Finally I told them if they couldn't even send me a link to their first teleconference then I want my money back. They said it would... Read more

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Don't believe a word of this ***, don't even know who these people are, I got an e-mail with this name in it: Zachary Scheidt and they all are scams, they are nothing but a bunch of scam artists, you aren't going to piggy back off any Canadian Social Security, you do know if you could really do this, the exchange rate from Canadian to American would be so drastic, you would never get anywhere... Read more

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