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Agora Financial is a political based financial advice that explains that the Democratic Party is going to destroy the American economy on September 30, 2016. This article goes on the explain without any details or evidence that this problem can be avoided by purchasing Jim Rickards Financial Strategic Intelligence Book for and unlimited amount of money. I have used for almost 15 years and now find that has become the latest... Read more

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Here is another online scam called Manifesto of Uber Economy! Probably Bill Bonner himself keeps writing the bull *** from his French chateau or Ireland disguised under the dead Joel Bowman! And it looks like they all including Mark Nestmann, the overseas investment and protection guru using the same many pages template to manipulate the gullible minds not only Americans but mostly readers in Europe and South-East Asia! Read more

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With all his mountain retreat, island paradise house and I am sure few gold kilos in Swiss land Jim Ricard predicted dollar collapse on October 1 2016. The question arises : Why he needs $49 bucks from readers of Agora Publishing? Where is his decency, humility , empathy to fellow compatriots. I truly believe Jim is on another assignment of neuro-linguistic programming from the agency!

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iam sick and feed up with *** mabout hillery Clinton shes not the one that will ruin the usa it blame it on the government of fools like the republicans they fight every thing a president trys to pass in a good way. its about the control of money , money that we pay to have a decite world to live in. blame the rich and the wealthy who do anything to hurt the elderly and the hardworking people, so quit dends sending slenderest things about the... Read more

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This is s *** advertisement these people cannot be trusted please do not spend your money on this scare tactic company !

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Can't get them to stop their various newsletters, which are little more than solititations for you to buy another groundbreaking report. I've called and called, the hydra won't die. So now I will spread my opinion and my experience throughout the web.

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The company, Agora, advertised a $49 special but charged my card $102 and sent a book that I did not want. Th

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I looked at their posted track record ... their open portfolio of excercised put options... owned stock against which they sell covered calls ... stands at over 182,000 at cost. As of July 27/16 the value of this account stands at 121,000. This 60 K loss is partially off set by 25,000 income from calls leaving a 35,000 unrealized loss as of today. The closed transactions has generated income of 25,000, excluding brokerage fees and subscriptions... Read more

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Somehow I got directed to moneyguide442 dot com where I found Bill Bonner (Agora Inc. and related companies) had such an important message to tell the world, that he decided not to restrict the information to his usual network of elite private subscribers. The web page also lists the predictions he made over the past 30 years that have come true none of which is verifiable. The important message Mr. Bonner had was in a video at the end of the... Read more

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I agree to pay $4.95 for a "free book". The book was a rambling, poorly written piece of garbage. Then 2 months later my credit card was charged $99 for Jim Rickards Strategic something or other. When I called to complain they hung up on me. Do NOT give this company a credit card number! Any money that you give them will be as wasted as if you had burned it. They are crooks without a conscience. Any money that you give them will be as wasted as... Read more

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