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WOW!!! I just read, in an email that was sent to me from Agora Financial, about piggybanking income during retirement from Canada. It claimed that you did not have to live there, work there, visit there, or give up any of your SS retirement benefits to receive this "no work retirement money". First i checked with the BBB, surprise...they are not accredited by the BBB. Then i googled Agora financial company and found this site, which has turned out to be extremely helpful to me and i am so thankful for people coming forward and telling their... Read more

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Regardless of whether Agora keeps its promises or how it handles customer inquiries, the incontestable fact is that the investments that it recommends create portfolios that loose money. I just inspected the open- and closed-positions reports for each Agora service. Their best analyst, Chris Meyers, publishes strategies that are better than holding cash (but he's leaving soon), the rest range from bad to catastrophic. A common thread is that the analysts allow small losses in their positions to become 80% losses before the'll recommend to... Read more

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26 Feb 2016 I subscribed & paid USD $1,750 for David Stockman's (Pres.Reagans Budget Director) Finance Trader newsletter. Subscription reports were supposed to be received on the same day. Despite repeated email requests subscription was only received on 3 March; 7 days later even though my profile subscription start date shows 26 Fe. Subscription has a 60 days money back guarantee. On 15 March I terminated my subscription, well within the 60 days time frame. Despite repeated email requests for a refund to Director of Customer Service;... Read more

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I too am a (soon to be ex) subscriber to Income on Demand. I have contacted them multiple times, without response, regarding how their advertizements leave out the very real possibility of losses do to the put exercises. I had the majority of my trades exercised. And while I have generated some income from selling Call options on those shares, the losses incurred in share value decline are still 9 to 10 times MORE than the income generated. I would need to see Calls for the next 5 years just to have a hope to break even, assuming I don't get... Read more

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Joining the Agora Financial Reserve - for several thousand dollars, plus an annual fee of $149 - is supposed to provide access to all current and future Agora publications. However, when the "Stockman Bubble Report" began a few months ago Agora said that it would cost extra "because he [Stockman] doesn't work for us" - despite Stockman's co-writer being an Agora columnist, and despite having the same Baltimore Street address as Agora Financial. Then a few weeks ago, Chris Mayer's "Special Situations" (one of the services with a better record)... Read more

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Radio commercial directs consumer to website for a "Strange Warning". The endless video just goes on and on for at least 20 minutes with no capability of pausing or ending or knowing how much time remains. It says over and over that it is not trying to sell anything, just promoting their services. How can they expect you to continue to watch the same message with no indication of how long it is going continue. Effect was a complete turnoff and I would never have any association with Agora. Read more

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I made the colossal mistake of purchasing the Agora Financial Reserve membership for $10K. It supposedly gave me lifetime access to all of their publications. After subscribing, they immediately terminate the more successful publications and re-launch them under a different shell company, which I have to pay AGAIN to receive. They are the worst of the bait-and-switch crowd, by far. Eventually, I'm sure that charges will be filed agains them and they will be shut down. In the meantime, AVOID AGORA FINANCIAL!!! Read more

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Dishonest advertising! Run as far away and as fast as you can! Add comment

I have lost complete respect for Jim Rickards. All of the most outrageous claims that he and this Agora outfit produce with all his so-called breakthrough strategies is fraudulent in my opinion. Then he and Agora hide behind the "we don't give investment advice disclaimers". Well, we'll see. Read more

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I have used Agora's Income On Demand and, like another reviewer, I agree that it is unfortunate that you have to have a large reserve on hand. The strategy is one of making money through the selling of put options; the reserve is in case your puts get exercised and stock shares are put to you.  But if that happens you can then use the shares for covered calls and keep making money with them until they are called in (with a nice profit, no less), or you can profitably sell them. I have to say that I have made decent money with an account in... Read more

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